The most exciting game of Magnus Carlsen’s chess career | Carlsen vs Rapport | Commentary by Sagar

“I have never had a feeling like this after a game!” is like how Magnus likes to describe this game. When Magnus Carlsen was asked if this was the most exciting game he has played in recent times, he replied, “Oh yeah! for sure! There is no contest whatsoever!”

What was so special about the game that Magnus Carlsen loved it so much? How did his opponent Richard Rapport match him move for move in the encounter? Check out the 14th round of World Blitz 2022 with commentary by IM Sagar Shah.

Video: ChessBase India

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  1. I think I would have liked it better w/o the commentary…

  2. Just shows even super GMs make mistakes after mistakes in blitz.

  3. Que partidon!! Impresionante lo que paso en el tablero!! Lo mejor que he visto este ultimo tiempo❤

  4. in 10:46 .. why rapport did not take the pawn a6 and go ahead with his pawn?

  5. This dude is the Marv Albert of India…I love it. Hilarious…

  6. some explain how magnus took his pawn when Rapport moved to G5 check? is that not a checkmate? someone plzzz explain

  7. I'm American but this guys commentary is next level and hype AF..

  8. My heart was pounding!! I have no clue how chess is played but the commentary made it intense!!

  9. If Rapport had played on the e6 square at 10:12, he would have won the game.

  10. Black Queen to B3 instead of C3 would have won Rappor the game

  11. The commentary was like it was for a heavy weight boxing match. LOVED IT 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  12. With Below 10 seconds time left and above 10 seconds time left magnus is the greatest ever😌

  13. this spikrr is strictly chinese 😂

  14. Bro it's annoying when you talk while watching magnes carlsen chess game ,don't do that bro

  15. His commentary makes the game even more thrilling owsome commentary by sagar shah 👍👍

  16. Wth is this commentry disrespectful for our chess game

  17. Están ensalzando mucho más al comentarista que la gran partida y victoria de Carlos vs Rapport

  18. can someone link a rulebook, that explains what happened when Magnus moved his h5 pawn to g6 and captured blacks g5 pawn.

  19. I felt sorry for Richard every single move was genius and shocked Magnus good lose 💔

  20. Lol 😂 that commentator made this 100x more exciting than a ufc bout haha 😂 Awesome game though!

  21. i would like if instead of your commentary there were a bg music lol

  22. what a shame, Rapport screwed up this in the end.
    1…Rc6+ wins easily.
    1…Rc6+ 2. Kf5 Qf2+ 3.Kg4 Qxf7 4.g8=Q+ Qxg8.
    White run out of material and mate is coming in next moves
    Trick is so old, to force opponent king in front of his queen and after check to take his queen. He had plenty of time in blitz too 20+ seconds

    Rapport had another chance …Rb8 second later, it was not so obvious, but he missed it too

  23. Terrible commentary.. Please take him to the mental hospital!!

  24. Lol my heart with that commentry be like watching Argentina and France wc final

  25. this is the kind of commentary that really grinds my gears

  26. Sagar Shaw, we American's love him. Very knowledgeable in his own right, and so exciting!!☕️🙂👍

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