The most exciting game of Magnus Carlsen’s chess career | Carlsen vs Rapport | Commentary by Sagar

“I have never had a feeling like this after a game!” is like how Magnus likes to describe this game. When Magnus Carlsen was asked if this was the most exciting game he has played in recent times, he replied, “Oh yeah! for sure! There is no contest whatsoever!”

What was so special about the game that Magnus Carlsen loved it so much? How did his opponent Richard Rapport match him move for move in the encounter? Check out the 14th round of World Blitz 2022 with commentary by IM Sagar Shah.

Video: ChessBase India

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  1. Epic commentary 🗣👍🏻 by Sagar Shah but at 10:21, he, by slip of tongue👅, says, Rf6 check; what he means is
    1… Rc6 check 👏🏻
    So that after 2. Kh7 Qh4 ch 3. Kg8 Rc8 ch 4. Qf8 Kb8 and White is lost ♟

    Rapport missed an easy win under time pressure ⏱⏳

  2. Holy shit🥵🥵….
    Magnus carlsen you beauty…….
    What a beauty

  3. Once again, IM Sagar Shah's commentary is second to none. Wish we saw more of him.

  4. Never thought Kurt Cobain can play chess this good

  5. Magnus played an illegal move taking pawn at 8:32 on G5 with his pawn on H5 and diagonally taking to G6 when the pawn was to his immediate side and Richard never noticed this slide of hand trick. This illegal move and this pawn moving all the way down the G file proved very impactful to Magnus’ eventual win.

  6. he knows the game well hence that is way he makes commentaries where he could anticipate the thinking process and he is GM level though IM only in official title

  7. I really feel like I was watching an action movie G_G guys ❤

  8. Very exciting and entertaining game indeed. The commentary itself was topnotch and was what made us to feel the drama and war in the game with opposites side sacrificing pieces, making brilliant moves and as well as BLUNDERING. It was as if all the moves were planned just to make the game very entertaining.

  9. These are excellent videos and they have top tier commentary.

  10. Felt bad for Rapport. He actually thought Magnus was about to resign and shake hands, but instead, gets the 2nd queen, and Rapport suddenly realizes he was loosing badly.

  11. Magnus lost it 3 times his opponent 4 times so Magnus won by 4 to 3….😂

  12. Why didnt Rapport take the Queen (from pawn) at the end. If Magnus would have taken with his Queen, Rapport could have taken with the rook.

  13. Am I seeing something wrong here? When rapport moved Pawn from G7 to G5 magnus then moved pawn from h5 to g6. I thought a pawn can only take another piece diagonally? I’m confused did anyone else notice that? Go to minute 8:32

  14. I'm not a chess player, but how could Magnus take a pawn at 8:30???

  15. The best chess commentator out there, By far!

  16. "Magnus drinks his water, look at that!!"
    The commentary of this man is out of this world. Drinking water sounds as a really important thing and feels so excited to drink water. Thumbs up Sagar! Fantastic commentary

  17. Damn never seen a great chess match as this one, very very fascinating commentary

  18. I could care less what an indian says, LOL.

  19. Bhai ye Sagar Shah kya dope commentary karta hai😭

  20. I'm 80 years old and not a book player. just a "Patzer" who has loved the game since I was 6 yrs old. the joy for this one was I was making a lot of the same moves that Magnus was making that leads me to believe my grey matter is not gone yet ha ha. what an exciting game with out the commentary no one could understand anyway!. but kudos to the commentators excitement. it did add to the game's narration for sure. ECF

  21. Such a huge compliment to Rapport that Carlsen said it was the most exciting game he has played in a long time.

  22. The most exciting part of the most exciting game of Magnus Carlsen's chess career was Sagar Shah's commentary.

  23. Had to pause during video to comment how awesome your commentary is!! Great work keep it up love the enthusiasm!! Epic!!

  24. Watch with vol off. Sometimes want to say "shoot the funk up"

  25. I started playing chess by sirs commentary

  26. Carlsen se defendió como lo campeón que es ,pero su rival creo que lo tuvo 20;25 Tc6+

  27. who is the best chess player in the world now?

  28. Je ne comprends rien mais ça a l'air incroyable

  29. Am i watching football highlights?? holly shit what a commentary!

  30. Great commentary, entertaining and informative, superb!😁

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