The Moment Magnus set the Online Blitz Record

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  1. I am also 3000 rated, when i combine all my ratings.

  2. Mahnus should come drunk in CCT tournaments. That would be legendary

  3. So rude and disrespectful to use the Aman vs Laurence gif.

  4. Hey guys, what's the name of his stream channel

  5. Hikaru got the record so drunk magnus had to take it back

  6. It was an honor to meet you hambo. however i didn't appreciate you hitting on my grandma – that was uncalled for. i really respected you and thought much of you as a GM. you need to remember where you came from. the same people that brought you in will take you out.

    Don't support these guys.

  7. Yeah it's all fine Magnus beat that record, but Aryan fked yo momma xD

  8. Chessbrah – You should tag this video with Magnus Carlsen, either in the title or in the description, because it dosen't show up if you search: Magnus Carlsen chess and sort after recently posted. It would get a lot more views then

  9. Magnus win, Aryan push button, and then Aman KO animation appears. Awesome!

  10. I couldn't understand anything Magnus said, I don't speak

  11. I would never perform this well if the hobo that attacked me stodd right there in the same room.

  12. Those guys are kinda good ngl, thank you chessbrah for giving them visibility.

  13. i hate when i think a move is good but magnus isnt playing it and i absolutely don't see why its bad 🙁

  14. Thank god you boys are starting to discover some half decent tunes.

  15. Magnus beats Grandmasters the way Grandmasters beat ordinary humans.

  16. 2:15 Threatening to ban someone because they pointed out Magnus refused to play Ted after he donated 50 subs ($250) is just disgusting. Magnus only played one move and terminated the game. One move for $250? Ted was swindled. I hope he got a refund. I understand the guy is the goat but this behavior left a bad taste in my mouth. Used to be a big Magnus fan but my respect for him dropped significantly after this. Moral of the story: never donate to play Magnus on stream.

  17. So sick… gotta love that pre move mate. KO!!!

  18. Aryan with the middle school level comebacks 😂

  19. At least he ain't using IM's and FM's to break records.

  20. Dr.Drunkenstein analysis otherworldly.

  21. Kramnik,Nakamura, crying why are we not the GOAT😢?😂

  22. GREATEST World champion,blistering play,blistering promoter of chess.❤

  23. Damn they roasted Aryan and he roasted back

  24. Just casually setting a new world record while drinking with his buddies. As you do.

  25. Lawrence Trent has suffered with that K.O ending

  26. So The second best Mr Drunkenstein beat the record.

  27. The mother joke was too much but I don't know what kind of person who cracked the virgin joke in the first place. Sometimes it's justified depends on the bully and and their intentions. If it was a casual joke then the small guy was over reacting.

  28. la capacité de Magnus à faire mal jouer les GMI est incroyable !

  29. Interesting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Top chess players of 2023:
    1. Magnus Carlson
    2. Drunk Magnus Carlson
    3. Sleepy Magnus Carlson
    4. Drunk and Sleepy Magnus Carlson
    5. Drunk Magnus Carlson with friends
    6. Fabi

  31. Just being in the same house as the Giuco Bellisimo is proven to improve your rating.

  32. Bro is literally chilling with friends and listening to music while casually dismantling a 3k rated GM 💀

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