The Magnus Carlsen interview after he won World Rapid and Blitz 2022 | It’s a tradition now!

“It takes 3 times to make something a tradition”, is what Magnus Carlsen told us in Warsaw after the World Rapid and Blitz 2021. He was referring to the fact that we had interviewed him after 2019 event and then in 2021. And so in order to make it a tradition, we ensured that we did it third time around as well, this time in 2022 at Almaty, Kazakhstan where Magnus had won the gold in both rapid and blitz formats!

So, we asked Magnus after the closing ceremony if we could come to his hotel to do an interview and the champion obliged. This interview shows Magnus in a different light as the World Champion speaks his mind and tells us about his true feelings during both the events that he played. He shows us his human side. We hope you enjoy this 19 minute interview with the man who is arguably the greatest chess player in the history of the sport.

Video: ChessBase India

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  1. LOL – The legend. He goes skiing to clear his head before a world championship.

  2. Thank you so much for this interview. I can feel the world champ talking to me in front

  3. who was the wan*er opponent at the start who showed no respect for the significance of what magnus has achieved? typical insecure jealousy at its best

  4. His long fair hair reminded me of a lion's mane. I guess you could say that's not the only common trait.

  5. It's like the stars are aligned for magnus whenever he plays, how fitting of him to win the championship by beating the last year champ

  6. An excellent interview by both parties! Thank you!

  7. one of the best interviews ever on chessbase … keeping it so full data,analytics ,expression and emotion..its awesome 👌 👏 👍. thanks for this one!!

  8. Sagar Shah learning the concept of callback from all the comedians he's been hanging out! What a way to start a tradition

  9. Nic (J Bruce Feynman Niccolo P. Bentulan) says:

    What does it mean to be WCC in classical, rapid and blitz but not in 45min 9LX or 25min 9LX especially when your strength is said to be more on endgames than openings. Because 9LX is more likely than chess to be decided in the middlegame? This seems like the only explanation.

  10. The fact that MAGNUS was expecting to Face NIHAL even after a bad first day Speaks volume of how much magnus rates the Indian Youngsters and especially nihal even after how bad his first day was AND so NIHAL NOT FINISHING IN TOP 10 in BLITZ is definitely an upset.
    Also just an observation, i think NIHAL for some reason has not been doing that good in OTB blitz as he has been doing online, wonder why that is the case.

  11. Thank you for the interview, great interview! It feels refreshing to hear genuine excitement and passion from an interviewer and you can clearly see that the feeling was contagious to Magnus, you got him to speak from his heart, wonderful job!

  12. Easily the best interview with Magnus I've ever seen.

  13. I dont even know how to play chess and yet I found this interview to be amazing!

  14. Sagar – thank you so much my dear sir! What a brilliant, insightful and enjoyable interview! Congratulations to Magnus for a truly superb performance, and to his competitors (particularly Richard Rapport and Nodirbek Abdusattorov) for making the tournaments all the more exciting.

  15. Incredible interview, Sagar asked all the right questions

  16. very nice interview!
    Would also like to see more fischer random tournaments like Magnus.

  17. watch how nieman was nowhere to be seen without his but plug

  18. Not only is magnus god-tier in chess ability, but also an extremely nice human being

  19. Terrific interview. You really got Magnus talking freely. Very engaging.

  20. never seen magnus so open and comfortable with any other interviewer. kudos sagar

  21. What recorder and shotgun mic are you guys using here?

  22. Im glad to be alive with Magnus era from beggining,the best of the best chess player ever

  23. the most peacefull interview by Magnus

  24. Damn really makes you realize how much better these interviews are when they're done by genuinely passionate respectful players. At least I assume the guy plays Chess. You got some pretty interesting insights here and kept it fun, nice work.

  25. Amazing how MAGNUS remembers ALL MOVES OF HIS ALL GAMES….Really…this is really AMAZING

  26. Interestingly, with Magnus’ hairstyle here, he looks like Morphy.

  27. Sorry to the rest of the world on the behalf of the Norwegian goverment. We dont intensionally try to rule over anyone else in sports.. We just cant help it 🤗

  28. "He's a great player just very slow"😅

  29. this interviewer is so on point, and into it with a passion, magnus is very comfortable here

  30. This is Magnus in such an amazing mood, you can feel his energy. Incredible person

  31. Man, what an incredible interview.. Kudos to you, Sagar! ✨

  32. Best interview with Magnus that I’ve watched so far. Great questions that kept him interested and talking!

  33. Hikaru always interested in Magnus' game ^^

  34. Magnus , what you did to win the Championship ?
    Magnus – I went for skiing. 🐐

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