The Magnus Carlsen Gambit

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  1. That play at 7:32 you say you can take two rooks, but at that point and I am a bad chess player isn’t that a inevitable check, because once you play the knight it’s Check he can only move right or left the king because it’s a knight the king has to move, if he goes right you take rook with rook and he can only block checkmate with knight, but if you just take it it’s checkmate? And if he goes left the same rook takes rook and because rook is protected by white knight that is also check mate in two move.

    Edit: I see the pawn can take knight and then just continue the described sequence, otherwise it’s a win.

  2. IM Andrew Lang
    IM Eric Rosen
    GM Demidov Mikhail

  3. Magnus is the embodiment of the phrase “I don’t play chess to win, I play to humiliate my opponent as much as possible and then win.”

  4. Anonymous GM: Haha!!! I’ve infiltrated your farmland and I’ve trapped your pieces!
    Magnus probably: My pieces aren’t trapped in here with you… you’re trapped in here with my pieces.

  5. Seriously dude Haland is the greatest player of all time ?

  6. An expert can apply the rules and fundamentals of their craft without flaw. AND A MASTER CAN BREAK THOSE RULES AND GET AWAY WITH IT!

  7. He's sick we must invade Norway and stop him

  8. 5:20
    Me playing against Martin: "yeah yeah ik its pretty insane-"

  9. I beat a fellow 2400 player w/ magnus carlson gambit

  10. Winning with 3 possible checkmates is disrespectful as fuq

  11. Chess isn't about not getting into bad positions, it's about getting out of them.

  12. “To do it with black is just more utterly disrespectful” 🤨

  13. "This man Magnus Carlsen spent the first 6 moves of the game rearranging the King and the Queen" made me LMAO.. I bet he doesn't like there starting positions. LOL

  14. Love your commentary Gotham! Great collections.

  15. bro fr said "chess was too boring so i created a shit gambit"

  16. Love the way you talk about chess, and talk in general! Learnt loads from you, but I'm still a noob,
    From a fellow sound engineer I suggest getting a few acoustic panels, your recording would sound tonnes better.
    Cheers man

  17. 7:17 LeVy sAiD a FuNnY wOrD huehuehuehuehuehuehuehuehuehuehuehuehuehue

  18. Bro thinks he is magnus carlsen

  19. He got to the top – dominated the game (still does arguably) and is now enjoying life to the max – hats off to him I say.

  20. When I saw the title, I went hol up something ain’t right

  21. I tried to once play the magnus carlsen gambit against my brother i thought i would horribly lose, I ACTUALLY WON like HOW?! and for comparison, my brother is 4 YEARS OLDER THAN ME

  22. I just put your video on 0.5x speed at t he very end, LOL!!!!!!!!

  23. (240 elo) i played this opening and im currently on a winstreak using it, ive disrespected way too many people

  24. he actually teaches this if you google magnus carlsen teaches the Bongcloud (accelerated version)

  25. Levy: mad raging while chess streaming

    Magnus: spends his first six moves switching his king and queen against gm’s

  26. Dude the third ones moves happened on me like bruh exactly the same sort of

  27. Життя догори дриґом says:

    Levy comments on chess games more emotionally than some other folks comment on football. I've never thought I can laugh to tears watching a chess game.

  28. That said…it's a freeroll. All wins must be heralded because of the odds given. And it's precisely those odds that provides an out should he stumble. Being top dog means you're constantly fighting off opponent's max effort. This provides a way to detune the seriousness of the game and instead (from his perspective) simply enjoy a for-the-fun-of-it game. Can't blame him for that. Cuz he's more than earned it.

  29. This Carlsen boy is showing all the signs of a cheater, according to GothamChess

  30. The pros of this opening, It shuts down their nights and gives you a strong push to the sides. Down sides, you can't normal move any of your main pieces and it is basically for side control

  31. I legit laughed the whole time he moved the king around the board 🤣

  32. yo Magnus took a piece without ever taking the piece in that last game wtf. his opponent actually just gave it to him lmao

  33. That is the Transexual, my buddy does a four move variant I’ve been calling the turbo tranny.

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