The Fastest Wins In Magnus Carlsen’s Career

These are The Fastest Wins In Magnus Carlsen’s Career


not ludwig 😉


  1. OK, so, I play chess on a VERY casual level, and hearing all the grid callouts stressed me out… do pro chess players follow that so quickly?

  2. You can see he's already hovering over his next piece a half-second after he moves one, quite literally several moves ahead and anticipating his opponents counters before they do them. From this one vid I learned you can't be afraid to use your queen to clear out the board, even though it's amateur instinct (and perhaps misguided chivalry) that makes us protect our Queens.

  3. The number 2 black had his horse he could move and then it’s check mate after rouck takes the horse 3:30 picture

  4. Fun fact: there is way of playing called “drunk move,” which focuses on making the opponent confused in any way to get a checkmate by accident.

  5. Its not pronounced


    Its pronounced FEEDAY


  6. These…super grandmasters are they above international GMs or below?

  7. "The richest man alive" …. this video is not accurate ^^

    He was it… for a long time… until Elon arrived …

    Edit: If this video is several years old, then ignore my comment ^^

  8. Magnus once beat a GM with only him using checker peices

  9. Magnus the kind of guy to beat you with his brain tied behind his back…

  10. I wonder how many bluetooth buttplugs it took for him to get to this point.

  11. There’s no “thanks for watching this video blablabla subscribe”.

    Thank you for an enthusiastic video

  12. Apply chess to real life and you'll be bill gates 😂😂😂😂

  13. the one constant in mangus career is that he hates a messy table and is going to be the one that uses his time to straighten pieces during the course of the game

  14. I love how it's like "Bill Gates the richest man in the world." As if being rich makes you better at chess. Last I checked Gates wasn't a Grand Master, a master or, is even known for being a strong player. So I'm not sure what the point of that was. So this guy, Magnus beats Gates. But I bet Gates could create an AI that would dominate Magnus. So who really cares about him beating Famous people. I only care about him beating extremely skilled people, masters and grand masters. No one else.

  15. Magnus is very intimidating, you already lose before the match with him

  16. best move I've ever seen. Dropping the clock on your opponents move!! Brilliant

  17. I could defeated this guy easily but i hurt my knee…..🤡

  18. Why does everyone assume Gates is some genius? He stole a computer program. That's it.

  19. Can confirm you made me watch the whole video. Can also confirm it won’t happen again.

  20. I think saying "won in XX" seconds counting only HIS time is not fair to his opponents. It sounds like he think 10 or 100x faster. Yes, he is extremely good, actually probably the best player in chess history but his opponents are also extremely good. He can and IS thinking also during their time so both players used the same amount of time. Yes, Magnus cannot be sure what's opponent's next move but at his level (or any GM) in most cases he is aware of most of possibilities. He thinks faster for sure, no doubt but I'd argue with "he won in <10 seconds" when his opponent used 2 minutes.

  21. Full disclosure, I realize this will sound very petty. But, I'm sure I'm not alone in saying I don't want to watch a 7 minute video with a thumbnail describing a 6-second win.

  22. Remember To Pray Before Eating And Drinking. Spread The Gospel.

  23. wow that was so fast, i blinked with my eye and it was already over. crazy chess-speed

  24. How gear grinding was flipping the board orientation…

  25. Just because you're rich does not mean you are a good chess player.

  26. I honestly doubt him beating bill gates in chess is one of his top feats

  27. i will report you picture who you use for presend video is not a WIN its draw

  28. The commentary is horrible. Good for those who knows nothing about chess, I guess.

  29. why do i feel like classical is better than magnus?

  30. Magnus didn't beat Elon Musk the real richest man in the world

  31. I don’t know a single one of these openings or mostly how to play but this is still a very entertaining video

  32. I wish someone would defeat bill gates, permanently.

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