The Fastest Wins In Magnus Carlsen’s Career

These are The Fastest Wins In Magnus Carlsen’s Career


not ludwig 😉


  1. I watch these videos pretending I know what they are talking

  2. Please don't say "Fight"-Master. It is pronounced "Fee-dah". And it is not "Act-the-steeeeen". He is Norwegian. It is "Ugg-ten-sh-tine"

  3. I didn't stop time but I think they play a bit faster than me 😉 … totally insane…

  4. subscribe if you don't want Magnus to mate you!

  5. recently got really into chess. I had watched this clip way before but at that time, I thought vidit was just a random, decently good at chess, Indian kid

  6. How long did Magnus play for the Last match?

  7. I am not in to chess, but Love Your Videos!

  8. 4:15 When a level 2 player having skins fights against pro players lmao

  9. First game appeared to have increment (2 seconds), so the total time spent would have been 1:11 + (increment x moves), which would probably have been around 2 minutes. Also FIDE is pronounced 'feeday'.

    Awesome videos! Keep 'em up! (and it would be cool to have just a little bit more analysis in the games)

  10. why were their moments in the games you said were completely lost and the worst move in the position when they actually very normal moves

  11. I’ll bet this narrator’s favorite band is Massive Attack.

  12. Vs vidit. It wasn’t a win, he offered a draw.

  13. Good video! Only bit of advice is every few clips you keep rotating the chess board, just makes it difficult to see what’s happening at times

  14. First game, the played with time increment per turn. Magnus didn't "spend a minute to defeat a grandmaster". You don't seem to understand the subject you are talking about.

  15. In the second game i guess there were many possibilites that the fm could do instead of giving up.

  16. The game against visit was a quick draw because magnus had stomach problem or something

  17. The first game was much more impressive than the others I think

  18. FIDE is pronounced as “feeday”

  19. Hans Neumann defeating magnus in 2 move 💀

  20. bill gates is no where close to the richest man alive

  21. Magnus: I can beat a gm in 2 minutes
    Stockfish: I can beat up 100 grandmasters in 15 seconds

  22. Magnus carlsen is a big cry baby!
    If he dont win, he’ll act out like a kid..

  23. Love how the commentary and editing makes this feel more like watching a boxing recap than a chess match!

  24. FIDE in FIDE Master is pronounced "fee-day" not "fite"

  25. only 20k subs? Youtube needs to improve their algorithm. this channel should have at least 100k by now

  26. Yea, watching a rapid game with one minute for each, and telling us – he was totally destroying him in only 40 seconds. Wow. xD

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