The epic conversations between Dubov and Magnus Carlsen before and after the game!

Daniil Dubov and Magnus Carlsen are good friends of each other. This is well known. Dubov has worked for Magnus as a second in his World Championship Matches in the past. When they were pitted against each other at the World Blitz Championships 2023, everyone was looking for a fighting game. But they not only treated the viewers with their chess moves, but also their conversations before and after the games!

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  1. Why a draw? There are so many pieces on the board to play for a win

  2. this looked almost legit draw after lot of trades, but in next round Dubov and Nepo knight dance back to initial position – arbiters did not like it at all.They did not like 2-move draws and 9 move draws either, but let them stand as 0.5 points for each

  3. Только полная дисквалификация и немедленное помещение в бронированную камеру с одним приёмом пищи в виде запеченного слона.

  4. A lot of whispering, but also a little bit of coughing. This is what chess content is made of.

  5. 😂😂😂 at first I was sacred by seeing his nosr

  6. Nepo was like, maybe i can bring my chair and join them to have some fun meanwhile. 😀

  7. The strongest chess bromance we've had in awhile… It sounds like the talking about rizzing up Huns at the tournament

  8. I am FED UP with guys in ties INTRUDING on THE GOAT when he is making post game conversation with his opponent – the tie guys are beyond rude and intrusive treating these players as if they are cattle – and moving them along – I wish Magnus would tell tie guy "back off pal, i will signal you when you can approach" – let these brilliant players speak to one another and discuss the game they just played!

  9. For those who couldn’t hear: Dubov asks about Magnus’ points. Magnus goes over his score. Magnus jokes about everyone being there on time. Which leads to all the laughter after the arbiter announced another delay. Dubov then jokes to Nepo’s table about everyone drawing and getting fined for being late but now the tournament itself is running behind. Magnus and Dubov joke about everyone waiting and how awkward it is. At about 7:40 Dubov says he thinks it’s a draw. Carlsen agrees. They then talk about how Magnus would’ve won if they kept playing it out.

  10. great coordination setup between Carlsen, Dubov, Nepo and Aronian for Magnus wins the world blitz chess champions, later magnus send your parts of money

  11. It bothered me so much that Magnus did not replace the dark Queen with the brown Queen to match the rest of his pieces…

  12. Where is Ding? He should just retire

  13. the arbiter standing there just getting ignored because he can't do anything to the best players in the world

  14. Why do none of these games include the computer chess board? I can't watch them like this

  15. Dubov again with the $1500 Balenciaga sweater flex.

  16. Oh lord, I never realized how loud the clocks are at those events

  17. Been watching chess a few days now.. it seems to be mostly… opening theory… trade pieces to end game… and whoever has some attack that wasn't counter correctly wins?

  18. Conversation so lit the it made Ian Nepo Jealous 😂

  19. Epic conversations that no one could hear, and someone who wanted to interrupt them in the end. What to make of it?

  20. Yeah great conversation. Let me just find my babel fish, or Rosetta stone. I'll, just turn on captions…no, I'll just turn on auto-generate…no option. Hmm, I guess I'll read a bunch of comments till i find someone that gave a translation and hope they aren't joshing us not fluent in this language.

  21. Turn on the captions buttonon top right of video cuz we. Cuz we can hear them

  22. My 2 favorite players. The most creative and the strongest player ever

  23. The median ELO of this frame is insanely high….

  24. First time I've actually seen chess players with a firm handshake

  25. Dubov was in Magnus' team for the world championship and they are good friends.

  26. Where is the overlay screen Chessboard?

  27. Why draw? Still got so many pieces? People get scared off when magnus offer draw and must accept?

  28. You. An tell that dubov is someone that magnus respects

  29. arbiter is the most annoying donkey in the video, let them discuss

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