THE DECIDER: Magnus vs. Fabiano & Ju vs. Lei To Decide Who Wins $64,000! Norway Chess 2024 Rd 10+TBs

Norway Chess is one of the world’s most prestigious chess tournaments, bringing together top players from around the globe to compete in a six-player double round-robin in Stavanger, Norway. World number-one, Magnus Carlsen, is joined by world champion, Ding Liren, former World Championship challenger, Fabiano Caruana, as well as chess superstars Hikaru Nakamura, Alireza Firouzja and Praggnanandhaa!

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  1. Norway chess = 12 fantastic players, great play, commentary and analysis throughout 👏👌👍😀

  2. Thanks to Anna for her sparkling attitude throughout

  3. I enjoyed Fabi and Magnus' handshake before the game, you can tell Magnus really respects Fabi as an opponent

  4. Magnus seriously needs to get checked for stomach worms… he only thinks of food these days 😂

  5. YouTube is so retarded. I just received the notification for last night's event that I've already watched😂

  6. 🙏dissapointed not to see the closing ceremony 🎉,from South Africa

  7. they should have a womans only tournament 🙂

  8. Every elite invitational chess tournament should have a confessional booth from now on

  9. The prize money might have been equal, but the commentary was ridiculously skewed towards the open and ignored most of the women’s games

  10. Danny is such a terrible commentator. He focuses on the wrong games and his comments aren’t insightful or interesting or funny.

  11. magnus speaking: heu… hum … heu … heuuu… hummmm…. heu… heu….. come on Magnus you could do better than that!!!

  12. Congrats to Gukesh for being the youngest world chess champion!

  13. I don't know why in every chess tournament they don't show us the celebration after the the tournament ends. Like it is one of the most important things in any tournment in ever other sport.

  14. Congratz to Fabi for spreading his buttcheeks in Armageddon 😉

  15. Can I just say that this has been the most fun chess tournament I've watched! Great cast, great players, great games, and great interviews! I loved the booth as well and some of the "confessionals" were very nice and heartwarming. Thanks for a great evet ❤

  16. Prag takes down #1,#2,#3 in the same tournament

  17. Great tournament, wonderful formula, bra gjørt Stavanger!
    Just tell the makeup artist to hold back on Trump's foundation or whatever it is called: both Anna Rudolf and Anna Cramling looked a few notches too orange in the face.

  18. Howells englisch Sounds so good lol i could Sleep to lt 😂😂😂

  19. great format, great confessions, fun to watch. congrats to organizers.

  20. I don't understand why in a super strong tournment they bring an IM who talks too much no sense to comment the event. I miss the old days of Chess24 Jan Gustafson & Peter Svidler. The other Peter "Leko" is way better too.

  21. Letsgooo!!! mby I will go stavanger to watch the next one

  22. Thanks for the fantastic coverage of this event!! You always put on a fine show and great informative commentary!!

  23. In round 9 magnus and ju points were same but how ju points are more than magnus at last?

  24. This trio of analysts / play-by-play announcers / commentators (and how about the confessional booth) is quite entertaining ; keep up the quality content , please!🙂

  25. Not covering harlf of ding vs alireza armageddon was a sad decision

  26. Time for Magnus to change career and dive into the world of poker.

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