The curious controversial case of shouting in between the game

This happened in the 17th round of World Blitz Championships 2022. With the white pieces we have GM Adly Ahmed (2605) and with the black pieces we have FM Nikolay Averin (2231). Adly’s flag had fallen (time was up) but he was not happy with what had happened. He called the arbiter about what had affected him. Three players had stood behind his opponent and shouted when he had very few seconds, is what Adly claims. And that’s the reason why he lost on time. He wanted his issue to be addressed. The ball was now in arbiters court. Have a look at the video to see what they decided.

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Video: ChessBase India

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  1. an old man whines like a little girl

  2. kids these days shouldnt be playing with adults. the days when they had enough sense to respect the rules is long gone.

  3. Put a suit on a kid and he will still be a kid.

  4. The fact that they reset the time and gave the GM an opportunity to draw the game based on a assumptive scream when they did not know without reasonable doubt that his time did not run out when the scream happened. This is clearly favoritism for the GM. I wish that young man had some sort of representation telling him to refuse to sit down and play, that's exactly what I would have done.

  5. Arbiter, there was coughing during my chess match!

  6. Dude rly bullied a kid with logical fallacies for example trying to trap him into “screaming is normal around a chess board” when the obvious point is that distractions and noise are normal, he also directly lied multiple times in his depiction of events that stretch my ability to say he was just mistaken, he clearly twisted facts and statements to try and make his case look the best. Not disputing any ruling or what actually happened but he’s ruined his reputation

  7. Это произошло в 17-м туре чемпионата мира по блицу 2022 года. Белыми фигурами у нас МГ Адли Ахмед (2605), а черными – МЧ Николай Аверин (2231). Флаг Адли упал (время вышло), но он был недоволен случившимся. Он позвонил арбитру о том, что на него повлияло. Три игрока стояли позади его соперника и кричали, когда у него было всего несколько секунд, утверждает Адли. И именно поэтому он проиграл вовремя. Он хотел, чтобы его проблема была решена. Мяч был теперь в суде арбитров. Посмотрите видео, чтобы узнать, что они решили.

  8. Adly Ahmed lost the game, but he didn't like it. Averin played very well and he won this game honestly. Sometimes when u not accept the lose then you ll try to find all small things as bigger issues.

  9. This kid seems to cause carnage everywhere 🤣🤣

  10. Don't know if these kids are Russian.. but why on earth are Russian allowed to play in event like this?
    Their nature seems to be liars.. someway or other. With no remorse or conscience, lie with straight faces as there is no tomorrows.
    The War in Ukraine is just a one milestone, there are thousands of instances.
    Most funny is to watch YT videos of Russian driving cars.. unbelievable.

  11. Apartment for rent Rentspb Saint Petersburg says:

    Black rights have full legal protection.

  12. Apartment for rent Rentspb Saint Petersburg says:

    Black on the foundation should be without suspicion, fair play is forgotten, there was blackmail and dishonest methods in tactics.

  13. Get used to it kid… these types of guys always cheat, complain, and then play the victim card

  14. This kid will be a chess cheater when he grows up.

  15. Not really "in between" the game as much as "during" .

  16. Ridiculous. If you cannot stand a little noise, what I can I tell you. Where I use to play you had better be prepared for this type of thing. You are in time trouble, you will hear honking noises, animal noises, you name it.

  17. 11:27 Nikolay's friend says: "This is nonesense, bro, but we are only kids, they would rather believe a grown-up man anyway".

  18. It doesn't make sense. Arguing with the kid while letting the old guy thinking the next moves for 5 minutes? The judges are so unprofessional

  19. that person shouting was not in the kids hands so he should have gotten additional time as well. weird that this didnt cross anybodies mind.

  20. what the heck is happening in this tournament xD

  21. This kid is different….I sense something evil… like Lord Voldemort…

  22. Why no recording of previous situation? I believe the kid won. but the kids need to learn manners. They are skilled and talented but they need to becareful because the adults can use any excuse to win or draw.

  23. It's better than selling drugs but those kids shouldn't be out hustling at chess tournaments.

  24. This is like the 3rd video of this kid being involved in some kind of trouble in this tournament

  25. este señor GM Adly Ahmed es un llorón, da pena.

  26. Ahmed aprovechó la oportunidad para estudiar la posición mientras los árbitros deliberaban para obtener tablas y eso es igualmente incorrecto. Es un lloròn, perdio legalmente por tiempo

  27. Someone screaming? Why hasn't anybody noticed that?

  28. Well, the kid is from Russia so by default I have to be against him.

  29. The arbiters certainly mishandled this one. If Adly was distracted (if he indeed was), it was not the boy Averin who caused it. And it was a pity because as a boy, Averin was not given a fair treatment.

  30. Old man getting 2seconds and 8minutes to look at the board calculating all moves while the kid still talking…

    Imo the old man should have getten the 2secs but after watching the board for 10minutes he should have been punished with a loss

  31. Old man cheating for a draw haha sad old manwhat a looser

  32. Without actually witnessing what happened, I would automatically side with Adly Ahmed because that little shit Russian brat is an arrogant prick. Same thing happened to me when I was a teenager playing a friendly game in my neighborhood. A jerk friend of my opponent harassed me while I was trying to figure out a pivotal mid game move. I packed up my chessboard and pieces and said we could finish play when the asshole friend wasn't around. The next day we resumed and I mated in 5 moves.

  33. Grown men don't like being challenged by young men. This guy and the others that have complained about him are cry babies.

  34. These guys are embarrassing themselves, drawing more attention to the fact tge were beaten by basically children

  35. The adult player acts like a child, especially hanging on to a misspoken comment by the kid.

  36. I don't understand why they didn't just watch a video of the game?

  37. Jesus, why don't they just solve this with a good old fashion Russian slap fight???

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