The agony of losing to Magnus Carlsen | Carlsen vs Madaminov | World Blitz 2022

Young Madaminov Mukhiddin is born in 2006, and he is just an IM rated 2333 in blitz. But guess what, he played an amazing event and gained 177 Elo points. He played Magnus Carlsen in the 18th round of the event which speaks volumes of the young boy’s talents!

Check out this game where Madaminov was so close to holding Magnus but in the end things went downhill for the youngster. How did that happen? Check out in the video.

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Video: ChessBase India

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  1. Magnus had some time to kill so…… trying to walk to the finish line against Secretariat at the Kentucky Derby…

  2. Props to Madaminov for putting back the pieces even after a tough defeat…UNLIKE SOMEONE WE KNOW haha

  3. Wasnt Magnus 1:56 touching the figure and not moving it an illegal move?

  4. OMG Magnus actually memorizes openings. is he Autistic?

  5. after magnus takes the opposition with Kd4 at 9:40, it's already over, from that point onward while madaminov is thinking magnus in a few second already calculated all the endgame, you can read it on his face, body language and speed play, simply amazing.

  6. There should be a little chess board graphic in the top corner that shows the moves

  7. M-ov Uzbekistan 2438 fide. You can tell by his Godfather looks that he rarely loses a game. He was like.." ok and who is this guy? "

  8. Madaminov is pretty good to be fair to hold off Magnus for so long and make him think like he did. Going to do well in the future.

  9. He should be happy he lost or his career would’ve been over

  10. h5 ouch not necessary and why not f6! to get rid of f7 weakness

  11. this kid is copying Bobby Fisher’s style, but at the end it didn’t work, because he is not Bobby.

  12. 10:10, I think Ke6 is the losing move. Just play Bb3 and I don't see how white breaks through?

  13. The over séer cut a fart which harmed the proper game flow !!! They are playing fast to hurry and get away from the lingering fart !!!

  14. Madaminov placed all his pawns on the same color as white's bishop. That's very nearly an assured loss, as Karpov found out against Kasparov in their famous last round game.

  15. How many dreams he has crushed. Unreal talent.

  16. Magnus, the Guru… The nirvana of chess..

  17. actually he was leading till the endgame…
    and in endgame…mangus nuked him..

  18. 0:21 Strong start for the coughing competition.
    0:27 One of the top coughers showing off his skills
    0:41 Distant deep cough
    0:47 Regular couch
    0:54 Weak double cough
    1:56 Weak cough
    2:15 Another weak one
    2:54 Really weak cough
    3:06 Fly stuck in a throat cough
    4:41 Some coughs
    5:22 Clearing the throat while hiding the fart
    5:53 Cough
    7:49 Trying to keep the coughin competition alive
    8:00 Another try
    8:28 Cough
    8:34 Cough
    8:42 Double cough
    10:09 Desperate try to keep the competition running
    11:14 Dry Cough
    11:24 Distant cough

    Pretty medium coughing competition in the end. As always some chess players interrupting it.

  19. he seemed a little struck by Magnus but played well. nothing to hang his head about. nice suit as well.

  20. The game was equal, simple draw. That hurts.

  21. a4 and b5, stupid moves. Its not a middle game.

  22. He thought, he could beat Magnus by time, not with a 2 secs increment you don't. He tried to draw him. He's too good for the end games.

  23. The way he smile I know he's plotting something and it's over 😆

  24. Ouch. Black bishop was the only thing keeping Magnus's pawns from cruising. He never should have taken it. Magnus kept serving it up to him and finally kid took the bait.

  25. Замахнулся на галиафа

  26. I couldn't get it why the black player put all his pawns in white colour

  27. Magnus was looking away visualizing the Lines he remembered… Truly amazing

  28. Magnus always see the chess board, not like his enemy.

  29. Always put a board up for easier following. Please. 🙏🏻

  30. Sonuç nedir kim kazandı ?biri anlatsın bana lütfen

  31. Magnus broke the touch move law at 1:47. Jerk. Just because an official does not see something and your opponent does not say something, does not make cheating acceptable.

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