That WINK😉 after beating Magnus Carlsen #shorts

Anish throwing some Signs 😉
Full game:

Video: ChessBase India

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  1. Until Magnus winks when he wins against you, you are not there yet

  2. Ahh yes, wink after going 1-15 against Magnus (it’s a joke, I know some of you weirdos know the stats… it’s a joke, relax)

  3. When you win after 12 years 🤣🤣🤣🙏

  4. Bro giri beat magnus?💀

  5. Anish doing it for content
    I would've danced if I won against magnus

  6. Awee Magnus face after he resigns!😭😂

  7. This is the equivalent of Kevin Durant beating LeBron James one-on-one.

  8. That wink just got him a girl for the night.

  9. If you win 🥇 against Magnus Carlsen in chess, then you don’t need to play chess anymore because you’ve finally become the King of chess ♟

  10. Guri ruri engengere kali bali bai genere gengere guri ruri rurururu

  11. Broo is vidit not playing in the tournament?

  12. oh…now Magnus gonna respond to that the next time

  13. The Waffle House has found it's new host

  14. Anish knows a thing or two about mating

    – Levy Rozman (2023)

  15. быстрые шахматы тупая игра

  16. A deserve win that resolved some unfinished business. I think Magnus shouldn't feel as bad of slipping abit because Anish beat him the finally in a very long time.

  17. This skinny little dude is gonna get so much poocie tonight.

  18. Let him wink all he wants. Drawnish Giri finally wins.

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