Teasing the old Kasparov 😜

Hikaru Nakamura and Levon Aronian playfully teased the legendary Garry Kasparov during the opening ceremony of the 2017 Sinquefield Cup. Their lighthearted banter and mischievous exchanges showcased their rapport, adding a touch of humor and warmth to the prestigious event. The playful interaction between the three chess maestros left the audience entertained and further highlighted the unique bond shared by these great minds of the game.

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  1. What makes Kasparov different from Magnus is his complete obsession with being the best for as long as he possibly could. He bit the bullet and did everything possible to dominate for two decades. Magnus got fed up with classical time controls and chills now foregoing the world title but is still the best. That's what separates the two goats.

  2. He should have said “they come aiming at me when I’m older and off my peak but at my peak i had something they cant claim to have and thats the classical world championship”

  3. The ironic thing is that Kasparov ended up beating Nakamura, Caruana, Levon, and several other GMs in Blitz chess within that 1 1/2 year span. In fact, he scored 9 out of 18 at the St Louis Blitz 2017 and only lost 4 out of 18 games. He also beat Nakamura, Caruana, and Perez twice during that tournament. He also drew Anand twice, Nepo twice, and drew Liam, Aronian, etc. But what really amazes me is that he scored 1.5 out of 2 against Nakamura during that tournament. Just imagine what a Prime Kasparov in his 20s and 30s, instead of 50s, would've done against those youngsters.

  4. Garry's like the aging Muhammed Ali of chess. Hikaru knows that the game and theory has evolved somewhat from the time Garry was on top, but also mentions that they'd love to beat him because he is the greatest of all time in terms of accomplishments and dominance.

  5. I can beat any of these guys. If you put their games on Stockfish ( a top rated Chess engine ) it shows not only do they make mistakes EVERY game, but their play is actually PATHETIC. I only study using top Chess programs. 😒

  6. The difference between professional chess player Kasparov and retired Kasparov is astounding.Back then you could almost call him a sociopath, now he's a lovely man.

  7. Garry to everyone: what color is your championship

  8. 😆 Kasparov is always spot on and great entertainment, promoting and contributing to the game of chess has been his life’s work.

  9. Having played a bunch of different strategy games to a reasonably high level I know when you take a break and youre not "in it" playing all day every day – you fall off super hard. Yet for some reason ppl expect you to be able to play like youre still top tier so in some tiny way I can relate to the annoyance hes feeling when you seemingly cant even just have a casual game anymore.

  10. I would love to ask Gary what new things in chess since he “retired” that he’s found interesting and wished he had incorporated into his game. How much it’s evolved per say

  11. None of all these not so young players who make fun of Kasparov will ever become world champions and break the records that he broke in his time. The best in the world for more than twenty years and he will train for a while and play a match with each one of them in classical chess… even today I would destroy them.

  12. Nobody ever dared to talk like this to prime Kasparov

  13. Lucky you guys he's aging now. One could feel he was immortal in his prime. 😊.

  14. Garry Kasparov the no 1 chess player of all time the excellent chess player from Russia excellent personality of this 21 at century

  15. Imagine having all those kid's targets on your back? Time to be superman again.

  16. I love how chess players talk about stuffs, they always include sarcastics and jokes in almost every sentences 😂 feels like they've practised it before 😆

  17. Even Fabiano was like "damn, Naka why you going so hard?!"

  18. Maxime confirmed it, Garry Chess is the father of Chess™

  19. In the sleep of the tongue is a great phrase

  20. When is this happening or did this happen?

  21. I think kasparov lost many games in this tournament but it was manly because there was no increment

  22. The final standings of the 2017 Sinquefield Cup were as follows:1. Maxime Vachier-Lagrave (France) – 6.0 points2. Magnus Carlsen (Norway) – 5.5 points3. Levon Aronian (Armenia) – 5.0 points4. Sergey Karjakin (Russia) – 4.5 points5-6. Viswanathan Anand (India) and Wesley So (United States) – 4.0 points7-8. Hikaru Nakamura (United States) and Ian Nepomniachtchi (Russia) – 3.5 points9-10. Fabiano Caruana (United States) and Peter Svidler (Russia) – 3.0 pointsMaxime Vachier-Lagrave emerged as the winner of the tournament, finishing with 6.0 points out of 9. It was his first victory in the Sinquefield Cup. Magnus Carlsen, the World Chess Champion, finished in second place with 5.5 points.No, Garry Kasparov did not participate in the 2017 Sinquefield Cup. At the time of the tournament, Kasparov had been retired from professional chess for over a decade. His last competitive tournament was the Linares Tournament in 2005. While Kasparov has occasionally made appearances in exhibition matches and rapid events since his retirement, he has not participated in major elite tournaments like the Sinquefield Cup in recent years.

  23. Multiple reasons to love Hikaru, one of them presented here😂

  24. great admiration of gary chess, the inventor of chess

  25. I want to see Caruana power coupled with a lingerie model someday. but we can't always get what we want.

    Kasparov seems like a daunting chess guardian gargoyle to me these days. and he strikes me as the type that's not offended by that.

  26. Who doesn’t want to play against Gary eff’in Kasparov ?

  27. Those young guys smashed the old champ so bad, he never played chess in public after this event.

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