Tata Steel Chess India Blitz 2023 Day 2 | ft. Pragg, Gukesh, Vidit, Arjun, Hari

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The Tata Steel India Blitz is a 10-player double round-robin tournament taking place September 8-9, 2023 in the National Library of India in Kolkata. Players receive 3 minutes for the entire game, plus a 2-second increment starting from move one.

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  1. Pragg, Gukesh and Arjun should all play candidates!!

  2. That draw by Hari would be considered as 'brainless' by many Indians for sure.

  3. Harikrishna – played within the rules , against the spirit of chess. BTW Congrats to Grishchuk for gud play.

  4. Not good from Pentala HariKrishna, should have given Pragg a chance. Completely played against the spirit of the game

  5. Congrats prag, arjun, gukesh, vd, hari for giving ur best! Tough luck for indians no body won. But great job guys! Our warriors!!!!

  6. You can't blame Harikrishna for Praggnanandhaa not winning the blitz section. Praggnanandhaa had his chances and he was clearly ahead of the feel and he stumbled. It's the early days of his career. He has to learn from his mistakes as all of the chess fans in India will be rooting for Praggnanandhaa to win the candidates and go on to win the world Championship defeating Ding Liren, because this is the only chance for Praggnanandhaa. Because nobody knows what is stored for Praggnanandhaa 2 or 3 years down the line.

  7. Nodirbek good job. Going stable. Its challenging to be ahead of all indian players in India.

  8. Is the tournament over? Will there be play tommorow?

  9. Some guys who do not watch chess regularly or don't know much about chess and who only started watching after pragg made it to wc finals will blame Hari , others know grischuk was better this tournament lol

  10. what spirit lol? its an individual game ! why blame hari for pragg not playing better than he did ( although he did awesome )

  11. Hari had ruined 1.6 billion people's heart . Hari should have some common sense about his indian culture. Its kinda rude to pragg to make draw on move 5 which he hadnt done on any former games throughout the event. Its like drainning praggs life on purpose.

  12. Grishchuk lost only one game in the 18 rounds of blitz which was against arjun. That's seems unstoppable. He proves again why he is a world blitz champion. Kudos to pragg for finishing 3rd in both segments. Well played arjun, vd, guki, hari. Could have been more happy if any Indian have won the tournament like last time(Nihal and Arjun) but nonetheless everytime it's not us. May be next time. Goodluck for grand swiss and world rapid – blitz❤👏🔥

  13. GUYS ! It DID NOT MATTER even if Hari won !
    Because if Hari wins, Grishchuk ends 11.5 , Pragg 11.5
    But head – to – head Grischuk leads against Pragg ( 1.5 – 0.5 )
    So he was winning anyways.
    Please dont disrespect one of the veterens of the game …

  14. Aside from the standing and the effect on Pragg, it's really boring to see a quick draw like that. Is it really automatic draw if white plays Catalan?

  15. Its okay, all these guys have been playing classical for way too long recently. Wait for Candidates. Arjun and Gukesh will have a lot to say.

  16. These new Pragg fans are gonna be more toxic in the future . Imagine asking for a favour in an individual tournament. Chess audience should know that most of the time GMs draw the last game if their opponent is leading the tournament .

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