Super AGGRESSIVE Blitz Chess!

Watch live:

00:00 Introduction
00:19 Budapest Gambit – vs lavr64 (2517)
07:00 Sicilian Defense: Smith-Morra Gambit Declined – vs BoyetMadriaga (2034)
11:21 Englund Gambit – vs Andreilabyta (1777)
14:56 Alekhine Defense – vs josh351x (1897)
18:09 Sicilian Defense: Wing Gambit – vs moriantess (2058)
23:07 Benoni Defense: Old Benoni, Mujannah Formation – vs lebedev1966 (2206)
28:28 French Defense: Orthoschnapp Gambit – vs KyrgyzChess (2235)
33:55 Russian Game: Three Knights Game – vs Dr_sinoya (2131)
38:45 Benoni Defense: Benoni Gambit Accepted – vs dmcnally (2299)
43:44 Russian Game: Modern Attack, Center Variation – vs Dr_sinoya (2134)
48:10 Queen’s Pawn Game: Symmetrical Variation, Pseudo-Catalan – vs KyrgyzChess (2245)
52:39 Indian Defense: Reversed Chigorin Defense – vs Kazakh_Fighter1993 (2234)
57:33 Réti Opening – vs kozimninkarasi (2300)
1:02:30 Englund Gambit Declined: Reversed Krebs – vs KyrgyzChess (2241)
1:06:02 Tennison Gambit – vs Ibuladux (2001)
1:10:45 Indian Defense: Spielmann-Indian – vs Kazakh_Fighter1993 (2255)
1:15:41 Benoni Defense: Old Benoni – vs KyrgyzChess (2229)
1:19:08 Indian Defense: Gibbins-Weidenhagen Gambit Accepted – vs AnemImma (2195)
1:21:47 Englund Gambit Declined: Reversed French – vs Ibuladux (2011)
1:26:15 Scandinavian Defense: Blackburne-Kloosterboer Gambit – vs Childish-Eme (2107)

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  1. i love this stuff. flagging every opponent feels good man.

  2. Maximum respect stay blessed……. Last game was my favourite.

  3. The aggressive blitz series is my favorite series on Youtube. Been binging them for the past couple weeks.

  4. 57:13 "Almost forgot what its like to lose a game"Eric at his SAVAGEST

  5. yes please eric more lichess blitz tournaments

  6. "I used to be a four year old" your reallh damn entertaining Eric, im gonna go prime sub for the first time

  7. You deserve so many more subscribers. Stay cool my bro ❤

  8. dude you play so fast i have to watch it at 0.75 😀

  9. You were traveling back and forth between Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan at some point.

  10. 26:30 Doesn't 30…Bc4+ win a piece?

    If 31.Ke4 — trying to win the Bf4 — then 31…Be2+ [32.Rb4 Bf1]

  11. Nice games Eric. [smile] Tactically instructive.

  12. My favorite moment was every time you said woops!
    Or when you say, OH NO MY ?
    Then say CHECKMATE!!!

  13. Been wondering this forever, i don't understand how the point system works can someone explain?

  14. Eric gets losing position and wins, I get winning positions and lose. If we merge we either become Carlsen or Max Deutsch

  15. I know I'm a bit late here, but this is exactly the kind of content I appreciate most from you.

  16. Another way to say that (38:38) :

    This is the Eastern SuperBlitz Arena.
    First Eric sacrifices… THE KIIIIIIIIIING !!!
    And after the opponent checkmates him, look at this beautiful BERSERKING winning streak on the next games !!!

  17. 8:07 never thought i’d live to hear eric say “fat dabs” 😂

  18. The rook sacrifice in the second game was so brutal !

  19. What does “sharpness” mean in terms of chess? What is a sharp position?

  20. What do you think happened when Kazakh_Fighter and KyrgyzChess played each other

  21. I always enjoy the super aggressive play. It’s just more fun to watch casually.

  22. "13 seconds SHOULD be enough time"

    Checkmate at 12 seconds

  23. 1:03:34 "This is getting Messi ". It could also get Ronaldo I guess 😁

  24. Should be a label: Beware, a lot of anti-bacterial gel necessary, some very nasty dirty flags

  25. This is great content. Please keep doing these.

  26. love this sort of video eric, please make more!

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