Super AGGRESSIVE Blitz Chess!

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00:00 Introduction
00:19 Budapest Gambit – vs lavr64 (2517)
07:00 Sicilian Defense: Smith-Morra Gambit Declined – vs BoyetMadriaga (2034)
11:21 Englund Gambit – vs Andreilabyta (1777)
14:56 Alekhine Defense – vs josh351x (1897)
18:09 Sicilian Defense: Wing Gambit – vs moriantess (2058)
23:07 Benoni Defense: Old Benoni, Mujannah Formation – vs lebedev1966 (2206)
28:28 French Defense: Orthoschnapp Gambit – vs KyrgyzChess (2235)
33:55 Russian Game: Three Knights Game – vs Dr_sinoya (2131)
38:45 Benoni Defense: Benoni Gambit Accepted – vs dmcnally (2299)
43:44 Russian Game: Modern Attack, Center Variation – vs Dr_sinoya (2134)
48:10 Queen’s Pawn Game: Symmetrical Variation, Pseudo-Catalan – vs KyrgyzChess (2245)
52:39 Indian Defense: Reversed Chigorin Defense – vs Kazakh_Fighter1993 (2234)
57:33 Réti Opening – vs kozimninkarasi (2300)
1:02:30 Englund Gambit Declined: Reversed Krebs – vs KyrgyzChess (2241)
1:06:02 Tennison Gambit – vs Ibuladux (2001)
1:10:45 Indian Defense: Spielmann-Indian – vs Kazakh_Fighter1993 (2255)
1:15:41 Benoni Defense: Old Benoni – vs KyrgyzChess (2229)
1:19:08 Indian Defense: Gibbins-Weidenhagen Gambit Accepted – vs AnemImma (2195)
1:21:47 Englund Gambit Declined: Reversed French – vs Ibuladux (2011)
1:26:15 Scandinavian Defense: Blackburne-Kloosterboer Gambit – vs Childish-Eme (2107)

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  1. YES PLEASE MORE. Eric, watching you play aggressive/dubious chess is my absolute favourite thing to watch. At all. Bar none

  2. Your gambits speak for themselves. Please do more!

  3. Always loved the super aggressive super blitz videos happy to see another!

  4. Yes please: more super-aggressive super-blitz! Love the gambits, love the aggression.

  5. Fun stuff, i enjoy the relaxed crushing vibes. Thumbs up Eric

  6. Always a fan of sharp aggressive chess

  7. Definitely aggressive matches are the most interesting for me. Especially given how good of a player you are.

  8. Hey Eric I love your videos, always a pleasure to watch them. I saw that you made lots of videos on other chess variants and wanted to ask of you could make a video of fps chess which is a free game on steam. Its a really funny chess variant and I think it could make a funny video. Pls let me know if you want to make a video of it, greeting from germany 😀

  9. More aggressive superblitz please😉 love your content as always

  10. I just want to say thank you. (P.S Yes please I would like to see more of any chess you are willing to share)

  11. Eric, have you ever played the late 80's MS Dos Battle Chess? (-:

  12. Can someone explain why Eric has half the time if his opponents?

  13. Game 1 was the absolute worst endgame technique I've ever seen.

  14. yes, more please =3 love your content eric, thank u very much

  15. My fav! AGRESSIVE Gambits all day every day 🙂 Quack!

  16. I would like to see more of this type of content!

  17. Yessss, please: I'd love more of these full tournament stream, both in this format and in slower, more educational ones!

  18. fav moments
    47:00 fantastic turnaround, it wasnt clear to me at all!
    1:14:00 this is basically a puzzle position, super interesting board and final momevements

  19. So the Rook turned out to not be better than the Bishop.

  20. Best game is definitely the one at 1:10:44 craaazy position and cluch bishop

  21. You should try Insect Chess!! It's a game called Hive

  22. 26:30 bishop x C4 check? seems more aggressive? ( I clearly don't know chess code, please forgive my attempt haha)

  23. 29:25 in this position, Il Vaticano would have been possible, winning two pawns.

  24. hey eric! love this type of chess

  25. That crazy endgame in the Indian defense game was fantastic!

  26. I genuinely love watching this content. Fast pace games means more examples of games seen and also more of my favourite chess player!

  27. First time Ive ever seen two missed captures in one video from Rosen.

  28. Thank you so much for keeping Ukraine in your prayers🙏🏻🫖☕💙💛

  29. A lesson I learned from these games is, if you have time on your clock, don't just match your opponent's pace if they are blitzing out moves and being super aggressive… because even great players are making mistakes when doing this but their opponents are missing the mistakes as well.

  30. yes please, more full length blitz tournaments. Maybe even more enjoyable to watch you try to win the arena than to play only gambits etc

  31. Enjoy the year while it lasts , its fun being a 4 (sorrow voice***)
    – Eric Rosen

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