Stonewall Attack! Union Square Blitz Chess – NYC Chess Hustling

Watch a chess expert play a 5 minute blitz game at Union Square in NYC. Can black defend against white’s Stonewall attack?
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  1. Welcome back to the Winter Games. If you would like to see more chess hustling videos, check out our playlist: Make sure to like, comment and subscribe!If you would like to attempt some really difficult chess puzzles, make sure to check this out: free to Challenge Chess Twins Profile Profile: Link:

  2. awe left the guy hangin when he tried to fist bump yeah xD, honestly this guy is pretty damn good if i had to guess his rating it would probably be around 1500-1600

  3. I've been watching your videos for so long that I am recognizing your opponents.

  4. Я не помню даже, как ты выиграл 😀

  5. 5:48 you know the winter games are close when you hear that guy.

  6. you made very effective use of ambushes and exchanges. good game!

  7. Awwwww ye the Winter game bout to go down. You never like to talk to these dudes? A lot of them seem really nice and just on that hustle.

  8. Nice setup. The guy was a scraper. But could not see long range and got caught. Punched his own hand was classic. Nice job.

  9. Very nice game. Well matched opponents.

  10. The guy played with his 2 hands which is not allowed by FIDE rules. Wen he made a capture he used 2 hands.

  11. Chess twins played a great game again! Very patient and strong moves! Congratz.

  12. What a respectful guy.No swearing, no cheating and he even went for a fist bump!

  13. White gave up his light squared Bishop for no reason and paid for it. He should’ve kept developing instead. All of these 1200-1500 players are driving me mad.

  14. Black dude had check mate and didn’t see it

  15. White's system is very solid and white has played these types of formation undoubtedly before. Black defended very well though. I think the position in someone that was stronger would have given black a more difficult game because white did have a better position in my opinion.

  16. Hi guys! I'm coming to NYC in a couple of weeks and I'd love to live that street chess experience. When do you recomend me to go to Union Square. Is it a weekend activity or something? Thanks and Happy 2019!

  17. Pay attention to the clock, it's going crazy.

  18. this guy was very good. Kudos for being even better

  19. А с Каспаровым не пробовал в этом парке сыграть

  20. 2:48 "Как ты выиграл? Я даже не понял как ты выиграл…"

  21. Nice tactic at the end. Well played.

  22. Nice strategy against the wall of pawns I thought you got clobbered got patient enough manevering side to side till the discovered fork came up

  23. I sat with this master and had a beautiful discussion with him regarding his mom, may she Rest In Peace. He is such a great teacher

  24. His clock is rigged, at 1:05 after black played it's white turn but the clock stays at 04;45 for white and time is running on the black side cheater 😬

  25. Background music was amazing hare Krishna hare hare with chess

  26. Maaaan that was some bad ass Chess played by you my guy 🙌🏽👌🏽🔥🔥🔥🔥

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