Smiley (1716) vs WFM Fatality (1985). Chess Fight Night. CFN. Blitz

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  1. Допрыгался! Держать короля на убойной линии и играть!Конечно рано или поздно вскроется! Второклассник…

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  3. Я уж думал, Фаталити проиграет😊 А она опять в последние секунды партию вытянула😊❤

  4. gg both players and bravo Fatality! For an old duffer like me whom it takes all his time to do the simplest tasks, watching Fatality make lightening quick decisions under time pressure always fascinates.

  5. I like so much Smiley ! Each time Fatality seems to be desesperate with his opening ! It really makes me laugh ! They know so much each other ! 🤣

  6. Once again Mr Smiley almost pulls off his roll as spoiler. He is always a good bet when looking at lucrative odds.

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