Short Vs Kasparov – Blitz Chess Final Game

Chess Super-Grandmasters and longtime rivals Nigel Short and Garry Kasparov engage in an exciting high level exhibition match of Blitz Chess. This is the last of 8 games (and the best one) in the series that took place at Belgium in October of 2011. It was 18 years ago that they battled it out for the World Chess Championship. Commentary by Grandmaster Genna Sosonko.

Thanks to my dear friend LuxusOhr for making and gifting me this video. I await your return, brother.


  1. I don't know much about poker but a few players switched from chess to poker and poker players say all the time that is a high level psychological battle. On the same subject, Boris Spassky (who gets mentioned in this video) made of keeping "poker face" an art.

  2. the calculation skill used in chess can be used in poker. You also learn about the psychology of an opponent

  3. Normally I would agree with you, but this type of mentality makes it very hard for people to start to get into chess. There is no need to make a poker face in chess because how the other person is feeling is evident from their position on the board, there is nothing to hide, unlike poker. Intelligence does not come into the equation here.

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  5. sorry if you mention poker face in chess you have no clue about chess sorry…

  6. wanna proove that dik shit ? whats your chess rating and i mean official rating not internet chess.

  7. yeah tell that to Anand when his opponent had an obvious mate in 1 if you dont believe me youtube anand survives mate in 1,

  8. also i play chess and i know when my opponent shifts he is uncomftable with something that is sometimes valuble,

  9. I'll beat you in both poker and chess if that's what you're asking? Having a poker face has nothing to do with chess.

  10. ok fuckface whats your handle on chess dot com ?

  11. It amazes me that you along with 22 other people don't understand the meaning of 'poker faced'. It means to show no emotion you nut.

  12. You are too stupid to say he compared chess to poker… its better off if he plays cool even though he made a mistake, keeping a "poker face" is staying emotionless no matter what happens… so your opponent doesn't know whether or not HIS move is actually falling for a trap or a serious blunder.

  13. well, fooling your opponent with mind tricks may sometimes throw them off… so you can say, it may help in some situations

  14. so youre calling Kasparov a bad player because he was that kind of a guy.

  15. Who is the commentator? I thought he sounded slavic (?), like Russia or Eastern Europe

  16. Kasparov misses the 25…Nb4! wins immediately

  17. Chess Noir, can you bring the Anand/Morozevich blitz game w/ kings gambit, you titled it
    "A 19th century performance"? PLEASE

  18. pokerface means Expressionless face,.ur the stupid one

  19. if this gay dono talk this video willl be good

  20. I wouldn't give the chairs they're sitting on to my worst enemy…

  21. A pesar de las emorriodes que aquejaron a Kasparov toda la partida, creo que no afecto mucho su concentracion!

  22. perfect game and awful commentary ! Would rather watch it on mute than listening to this guy !Β 

  23. Hello Mr. Arkham Noir I saved a few of your videos on a my chess playlist and I noticed one of them was deleted. I feel like there is a hole in my soul now. Can you please lead me in the right direction to know what the video was exactly about? Thank you.

  24. 2:58 paul morphyπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜β€β€

  25. Kasparov's squirming around in his chair must be very distracting for his opponent.

  26. There's a concept in poker where some people wouldn't try and create a poker face but would intentionally have lots of body language to create an "information overload" as a way to avoid giving an opponent any tells (rather than staying calm and the one time they get a little nervous it's a huge and obvious tell). That seems to be the approach Garry takes, as basically there's too much in Kasparov's body language and emotions to actually deduce what he's thinking.

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