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Video taken from and edited to include an updating diagram of the position.


  1. Не хрена не понял ,но было интересно

  2. Добрый вечер, 5:17 конëм ферзя нужно было. Там размен отличный.

  3. Добрый вечер, Магнус иногда сам себе больше противник , чем его соперник.

  4. J'adore la grimace de Magnus.. genre : " qué qui y a, quoi, hein?" Il a tenté MDR, seulement il avait le droit je pense de remobiliser sa pièce avant de taper la pendule !

  5. Rules are touch move. Him touching the piece to his first choice and a split second later changing his mind and wishing he had touched it to another square is illegal. Mag knew better. A third grader should know better. Put your big boy pants on Magnus and play like an adult. That was a quite immature thing to try to get sway with.

  6. Un tramposo El metAsi perdió igualmente contra Nieman

  7. His reaction is tipical spoiled kid. Punchable

  8. correct but unsport
    manlike by the opponent

  9. The type of videos that you watch at 3am 😅

  10. А чо там случилось, чо он сдался?

  11. What is Lord varys from GOT doing behind boris 😂😂

  12. It was draw or what ? I’ve never understood the ending of these GM

  13. Just look at those old men at the background

  14. la clave es no soltar tu mano de la pieza en movimientos rápidos como este, ya que aunque sabes la ubicación correcta existe el fallo de respuesta (mente-cuerpo) y te permite reposicionar; al soltar la pieza sello su derrota. Se que esto suena muy obvio, pero lo digo porque la reacción de magnus es molestia no por la derrota sino como la consigue

  15. Şahı once ileri hareket ettiriyor ve piyonun yolu acilmis olacakti vezir icin hemen sola cekiyor yani saha 2 hamle yaptirio buda kural disi, zaten oynanan hamle geri alinamaz kuralindanda enstante nitekim ilk hamle gecerli bile olsa zaten vezir olmasini engelleyemezdi.

  16. Какой красавчик с права! Он чо с кунц камеры удрал? 😀

  17. He didn't click the clock yet .. why did he lose?

  18. 5:14 why did boris sacrifice his Knight? Somebody please explain?

  19. Pior foi eu que tinha movido a torre errada num jogo contra um adversário enjoado mas ele só tinha 3 segundos no relógio e eu 40 segundos mas por causa dessa frangada minha eu desisti do jogo! Era só ficar movendo as peças que ele não me daria mate nunca pois o tempo dele iria cair! E eu poderia ganhar em primeiro lugar no campeonato! Ou seja burrada braba! Mas como não gosto de ganhar assim deixei quieto!

  20. That look! Pretending not to know what he did. Once a human, always a human. 🤣I would let him get away with it so as not to embarrass him.

  21. 😢 anthropologist were wrong
    Neandethals too had intelligence

  22. Yg berpikir bukan hanya pemainnya..semua penonton ikut berpikir keras…hanya dalam pertandingan catur penonton ikut pusing…😂😂😂😂

  23. 7:42 Не понял почему Карлсен не бил ладью на b3? Размен и выигрывается ладья на с8

  24. I think, thus rule should be changed if you are playing with clock. As you can see here, Magnus realize his mistake before touching to the clock ⏰ and so he must allowed to move!
    Rule must be be like "once you touch the clock, then you can't move your pieces"

  25. I don't understand this. I thought the touch rule was that if you touch a piece you have to move that piece. Can someone show me where it says that while it's still your turn you have to leave it where you first drop it?

  26. Chess is a dead god Caissa ⚘ 🌚 👍 Rest in the good news ⚘ Okay bye

  27. Магнус играет очень нервно.

  28. На 7:50 надо было нижней турой есть его туру.

  29. In chess, if you touch a piece you are obligated to move that specific one

    and once you stop touching it, the movement is ended

    so you can't correct a move mistake, even if you didn't hit the timer

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