Shimanov vs Vidit – Sometimes inaction is the best action | World Blitz 2022

Three years ago in 2019, GM Vidit Gujrathi defeated GM Aleksandr Shimanov at the same event. Their Rapid encounter at the World Rapid 2022 ended in a draw. Four days later, they have a rematch with the same color. Both Shimanov (2609) and Vidit (2669) are at 9/15 when they face each other in Round 16. The game seems to be heading towards a draw. Yet, one of them tries too hard to push for a win. Find out who did that and where did he go wrong.

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  1. Шиманов раскатал на понимании и психологии

  2. First one in the comments 😜 morning 🌄

  3. Man's moved his knight to the same position almost 50 times

  4. to try to win is good, sometimes it's the best way to lose

  5. he came back not satisfied and commented on you tube

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