Sergey Karjakin vs Peter Svidler – 2016-06-19 – Eurasian Blitz Chess Cup – Chess Game No Commentary

Chess Game Between Sergey Karjakin and Peter Svidler, played on Sunday,19 June, 2016 during the event Eurasian Blitz Chess Cup, in Almaty KAZ.
At the time of this chess game Sergey Karjakin had an ELO rating of 2774 and Peter Svidler had an ELO rating of 2759.

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Game Timestamps:
00:00 Chess Game Begin
06:54 Last Ten Moves

White Pieces: Sergey Karjakin
Black Pieces: Peter Svidler

In this video the game has no commentary and no analysis. Please, just relax and enjoy the chess game.
You can Slow Down or Speed Up the Video by clicking “Settings – Playback Speed” and choose one of the alternatives.

Thanks for watching!

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Credits for images used in the thumbnail and during the video:
Vladimir Barskij (), โ€žSergey Karjakin 3, Candidates Tournament 2018โ€œ, Cropped,
Stefan64 (), Cropped,

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