Scotch Game Opening Garry Kasparov VS Fabiano Caruana at Blitz Chess 2016

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DGT Professional chess board :
Tournament chess clock :
Chess mat with pieces and bag :


  1. A lot of comments on here saying "Who won?"!! Well I guess you don't know anything about chess or you wouldn't ask such embarrassing questions, but that's okay.

  2. In the thumbnail I thought Kasparov was laughing. It turned out to be an illusion!!

  3. Why Kasparov move his queen to b3 in the last move on the match?

  4. Where's the sound? Where's the fucking sound?

  5. the man who will be king…the man who dethroned karpov…he rises to the top like rising star … The Mail 1985 . now the man has become an old man but his skill is as sharp as ever

  6. whit have win and loosafter bi better all mach

  7. This old man was so nervous. You will never become world champion without strong mind!

  8. Notice how Garry moved his paws to dark sports and got rid of the dark bishops

  9. Garry resigned cause his knight on D5 got trapped

  10. Garry gasparov no juega un culo!…, Esos son los genios del ajedrez moderno!!…, Estamos cagados y con el agua lejos!!…., Desde el principio demuestra que es un genio, pero para plantear cambio de fichas!!…, Eso no es un rey!!…,. Es un Dictador!!…, Partidas pirricas!!…, No gustar!!!….

  11. Si gasparov jugando está partidita se preocupa!….., Yo !…, Le hago arrancar una hueva!!…

  12. Can someone explain the final of the game? Why Kasparov lose?

  13. When Bill Gates talks about computer or software, everyone listen. When Kasparov plays chess, everyone watch (comment only if you are better than Kasparov)

  14. Quien ganó???

  15. Could someone tell me Why the man with the blue shirt moved the kings in middle 12:24 ?

  16. Caruana constantly applied the tactics of pinning, forcing Kasparov to move his major pieces to unfavourable squares.

  17. Why not queen d7 had it a couple times and never played it

  18. Nice Chess set but can't see the clock very well.

  19. نقلات ممتازة لم ينتبه لها

  20. Kasparov's body is always exhausted from the speed of his mind. The reason he takes so long is because he makes 1000s of calculations and moves simultaneously. It's insane.

  21. Why is the apect ratio like the one i use for CSGO?

  22. I'm glad Caruana won against the arrogant pig.

  23. Why do chess players stand up and leave so quick after the game ends????

  24. Anybody had any successes playing that …Qh4 line against strong/ very strong players?

  25. Even the way Kasparov left the table was blitz. Now this is commitment.

  26. Imagine being Caruana, getting home and say, mom i just beat Garry Kasparov

  27. Research r duta bosor ene khedalu ba dhonkho korilu

  28. We see you @VampireChicken in the back!

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