Samay Raina takes on Former World Blitz Champion MVL | 3 mins vs 30 seconds

MVL is one of the best speed players in the world of chess. He became the World Blitz Champion in 2021. Samay Raina is a chess lover and promoter and began working seriously on chess in the pandemic. He has an online rating of 1700. Samay took 3 minutes on the clock, while MVL took 30 seconds. It promised to be an exciting encounter. This was played inside the playing venue at the Global Chess League. Who do you think will come out on top?

Video: ChessBase India

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  1. that samay guy should play games of his level like pubg or cod. not chess

  2. koi chewing gum zaba raha hai camera main muh daal ke

  3. The chewing irritates me to the core. 😭

  4. 1:26 Never take a free pawn offer by a GM ,I repeat Never !! 😆

  5. Let the one who is eating in the background go eat away 😡

  6. Please look into HobSpace Fraud. It is affecting thousands pf parents and hunders of trainers.

    HobSpace owners have not paid any of their trainers for the past 4 months. Also they havent paid any of their employee.

    It will be affecting chess spirit negatively. Parents are disheartened. 😢

    Priya Goel Sheth and Harsh Jain are defaulters. Its a humble request please help get our money back.

  7. Bhai kabhi to aache audio ke saath post kiya kro

  8. I played a game against MVL once in a bar, it was 3+2 format. While I ended up losing on time, he had 3min30 left…

  9. Sagar is chewing something 😅

  10. MVL….. Kudos to u… Well played Samay… & Sagar Bhai is Best.❤

  11. कभी कभी बड़बोलापन भारी पड़ जाता है। भूल मत सैमी तेरा लेवल 1500 से ज्यादा नही है।😁

  12. Chess is all about memorizing openings apparently for samay.

  13. Аркадий Чернобровкин says:

    Fantastic, incredible, brilliant Maxime Vachier-Lagrave🙂💪🔥

  14. Arrey Sagar Bhai kya kha rahe ho itna chapar chapar awaz araha hai

  15. Atlast samay : "Sagar bhai eek hamara ho jaye " ,,dikha di na apni asli shakal,,, utar dia samay ne apna mukhauta🤣🤣🤣🤣

  16. Im not surprised MVL played Sicilian, samaya lot when he played e4, he should have know that MVL is Sicilian beast.

  17. Sagar should have played this match. Would have been an interesting IM vs GM fight

  18. Who's that one eating behind camera…. All u hear is ummm ummm umm

  19. Sagar Bhai busy eating behind the camera!

  20. that dirty sound of someone eating ……. kill him/her

  21. Samay getting the taste of "Life is Unfair" is so satisfying!! 😂

  22. Bhagvaan God Iswar Allah Khuda Parvardigaar param says:

    Asking the lion, how does the goat taste! 😅

  23. Cliffhanger 😂 waiting for the next episode: Samay Vs Sagar!

  24. MVL has been a blitz champion. So you are matching former world champion 🏆

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