S. Fatin (1156) vs A. Yunker (1703). Chess Fight Night. CFN. Blitz

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  1. miss yunker sometimes doesn't take the weaker player seriously..

  2. Juego extreemo❤ cuándo su mirada está fuera de partida…. y en un momento ataque inteligente. Gracias saludos

  3. Miss Yunker and her brothers will always have a loyal fan club here in the CFN community. I'm sure I speak for most when I say how appreciative and proud we are of their accomplishments. Thanks for sharing your journey with us kids! And thanks to the parents for raising such remarkable young people!

  4. У соперника были прекрасные шансы!

  5. gg both players, great to see miss Yunker hanging in there with a 'Never say die' attitude, bravo little one.

  6. A. Yunker was convincingly outplayed by Fatin. He seems much stronger than his rating would suggest.

  7. Well done on turning the game around in the end, despite being at a material disadvantage, Miss Yunker. Well played 👏.

  8. What had a winning position but he lost his bottle. Draw was probably a fair result for both.

  9. Мои наилучшие поздравления для мисс Юнкер, она вундеркинд, и я поражен, просто подумав, какие образцовые родители у нее должны быть. Так же спасибо за этот необыкновенный шахматный канал, вы лучшие!


  10. A. Yunker no necesita mirar el tablero para poner las piezas en su lugar… 10:23 y éso es fruto de horas y años dedicados al juego y entrenamiento del ajedrez. Su vida es el ajedrez, de éso no hay dudas.

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