QUEEN BLUNDER! Magnus Carlsen vs Sanan Sjugirov | World Blitz Chess Championship 2021 R2

Magnus Carlsen vs Sanan Sjugirov
Round 2 – World Blitz Chess Championship 2021


  1. I don't get it why he gave his queen in the end?

  2. 4:05 instead of d5, it seems to me that dxe5 is stronger. Nxe5 is not possible (Nxe5 Bxe5 f4, and the bishop is trapped!), hence black is forced to recapture with the bishop, then white secures the bishop pair. Hmm

    *Edit*: turns out that white only possesses a single bishop, so scratch that 😛 still looks like an interesting variation. What Carlsen did turned out very good

  3. Feel free to find the correct move and win this game for Magnus.

  4. I do same in lichess so that if oppenent doesn't notice that i blundered then i grab his queen immediately

  5. So, you wear a mask, only to take it off to breath on each other across a coffee table and then put in on when the game is done 🤣🤣🤣 We’ll done media for your amazing brainwashing campaign.

  6. I feel like this was a draw, and the guy won because he got out pressured. I don't think Magnus was "better" than him in chess.

  7. I lose pieces like this often against my chess computer but I can't bring myself to shake hands.

  8. Never understood chess growing up lowkey kinda wanna start now seems like a headache

  9. Who are these people walking around? Does it not disturb the concentration of the players? I blame the guy at 05:50 for example. 😉

  10. I think this locked pawn structure is just over simplify forced moves. Its boring and I know 80% of the moves the opponent and my opponent knows 80% of my moves

  11. The black queen was so tired and try to take a rest at wrong square, then suddenly the white Queen captured her alive. Tragic. 😁😁😁


  13. As soon as I saw the digital board in the center , I immediately liked it.. And I like the way that you and the people around you always grasp the good things that you find in others ..

  14. 8.09 audio level ™ Xotrins god of puppets says:

    So how you name game of chess Evil umbrella( Nhqeshphatpoh-Mechanical suicide) temple( Nhqeshphatpoh-Tghogzha the reality of thought)?

  15. I'm your Big fan sir ❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥

  16. Sometimes split seconds can ruined your stragety…

  17. Actually Sanan missed a tactical move xd4 then QxH4 check! It should be a draw.

  18. Just started to learn today seems realy hard at first the speed they are making moves is scary for me 😂

  19. nice to know they can make booboos like that too

  20. After Queen blunder,he resigned the game immediately… This is one of the greatest queen sacrifice to make the opponent win…don't pause the video because it is very easy to find the winning move for Carlsen lol

  21. admit it people, it was fast. how many did not see queen x queen? anything can go wrong when in time pressure.

  22. how do ppl play this game haven't got a Scooby doo how to even play it

  23. Wait. How did Magnus win? I'm so confused. I just started playing chess.

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