PRESSURE – LOSES ON TIME!!! Ding Liren Vs Magnus Carlsen || BLITZ CHESS 2019

PRESSURE – LOSES ON TIME!!! Ding Liren Vs Magnus Carlsen || BLITZ CHESS 2019


  1. i agree with the person underneath me
    the music should've been under pressure

  2. i stopped watching this video just for this annoying music

  3. Terrible idea to play music in a chess video. We need to concentrate on the moves guys!

  4. what's with the music. it is annoying

  5. who muted the video and just watched in silent like me?

  6. Fuck!!
    What was the need of commentry from behind on a chess match!!

  7. Carslen is holding world champion title from 2013
    One of the best mind

  8. I disliked this video only because of music

  9. Só um idiota bota uma música dessa em uma partida de xadrez.

  10. music louder than commentators' voices…. not like this…

  11. I don't like the music, very noice.

  12. I think the channel name will be chess tournament 😅

  13. Ding strategy was to buy on time if his opponent has time pressure.

  14. Kill the person who thought background music would be suitable for this video

  15. Carlsen often losses when met Deng Liren ….

  16. Even though you are a world champion, you have to get up when the time is up!!

  17. The same day they played 2 matches against each other, is it?

  18. 11:58 pawn to G5 wins the game essentially … followed by bishop to E6

  19. How smooth this background music syncs with the commentary damn nice

  20. The background sounds are awful and distracting!

  21. The music isn't helping. It distracts.

  22. i wish they'd stop judging Carlsen's time-delay, as if they'd 'know' better – because in all likelihood, they don't.
    i want to give Carlsen a kiss and hug, and tell him: you're still a champion…

  23. Ding liren is also not a joke after this match Ding Liren became my favourite chess grandmaster than Magnus Carlson

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