Pranav.V vs Hans Niemann | World Blitz 2022

Pranav V. is known for his blitz skills. Hans Niemann is also very strong at shorter formats. It was a mouth watering encounter at the 3rd round of World Blitz 2022. Have a look at the video to see who came out on top!

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Video: ChessBase India

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  1. Why doesn't Hans help set the board up at the end? Seems like a poor sport.

  2. Cheater speaks for itself 🤗🤗🤗

  3. After watching carlsen so nakamu
    ra rapport giri nepo liren games, hans is definitely rated at most 2100

  4. Every GM started laughing after seeing this match because of who created a sensation with MAGNUS

  5. I watching this new guy Pranav for the first time…, 👌🏻👌🏻

  6. Has Niemann: "Every win is always orgasmic" bzzzzzzzz

  7. "You should check out my blitz skills" -Hans

  8. Hans' lack of sportsmanship speaks volumes..

    It's not hard for me to assume the worst with this guy honestly with the way he's playing

  9. Love it when he loses. Typical american haha

  10. Please add digital board sagar bhai ❤😇my kind request.

  11. En su cara y con toda tranquilidad 😎

  12. Hans losing again??? He completely forget to recharge the beads for 2 days in a row 😅.

  13. Hans leaves his pieces strewn all over the board and table, does not clean up after himself – shows his total lack of character and respect –

  14. Its awful his confidence gets shatered by Magnus simply by wooping him. What Magnus did to this young man was so dirty. Hopefully he can recover but either way I have lost all respect for that dirt bag Magnus

  15. Did they confiscate Hans' special beads at the border ?

  16. Hans is always so classy! My favorite chess player. Let's go even stronger next time ❤❤❤👏👏👏

  17. What in the h*ll is going on with these clocks? Keeps adding time on every move near the end. Seems like the harder you hit the switch, the more time you get. What da?

  18. Hans is supposed to be the greatest prodigy since Fischer . His play in this game was like a 1900 player having a bad game

  19. Fathers have to put the toys back while kids just go out

  20. To a complete idiot who enjoys but does not understand, how do we know who won?

  21. All Indian chess player are great . Thumbs up

  22. Never see anyone lose on time; don't understand the clock?

  23. Yet another defeat and a walk away without tidying up… If his skill levels were as high as his arrogance he'd be a world champion.

  24. Hans is a good player and still young, He even beat someone like Sevian but admiting cheating online really give him a stain he will never wipe out shamely even if he managed to be with the top dogs

  25. at 2:05 Pranav presses the clock twice so adds 4 seconds to himself and also 2 to Hans.

  26. Hans Niemann is an interesting chess personality. His games, even when he loses – are always interesting.

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