POV: You’re A 500 Rated Player vs Hikaru | Scrub Stomping Speedrun Part 1

Hikaru vs 500s in a new Speedrun titled STOMPING SCRUBS! He’ll play the whole speedrun during viewer arenas so viewers get to be a part of it! Join us on twitch to try to play him.

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  1. Honestly I wish I could blow stuff off like Hikaru does. Chat will be blasting him sometimes and he will just be laughing his ass off at a meme of himself without a care in the world. Goals. Also Detroit is awesome.

  2. he got robbed lmao that i believe. brasil e foda

  3. I am very new to the chess community online, but I have been a member of the online gaming community for a long time as a high ranked player on many games. I would have expected someone as "high profile" in the chess community calling people scrubs even if they are. Keep doing what you are doing, I just didn't think that type of gaming language would have made it to chess, lol.

  4. "I'm bad at most other things I do, so I'm pretty in touch with reality"

    It's the self awareness and the charisma that is appealing about this content

  5. Streaming is LIFE. Hikaru, you are so much fun to watch and boy you're great at the chess! I watch you every day. Might even amazon prime sub to you if I can work out how to do it.

  6. This man has chess on his veins. Just that, you can't beat him twice.

  7. i started calling everything juicers now.. dammit

  8. What opening is it called ? Where he plays pawn and a bishop … I find it soo annoying when someone plays against me

  9. All due respect mr hikaru… Detroit is horrible unless your in the downtown metro area stuff owned by Dan Gilbert… that areas outside the city are very unsafe and at night if you arnt in a group you’ll end up like ivanchuk or worse.

  10. i’d really love to sit and watch this if you didn’t talk about irrelevant things like the shirt you’re wearing like jeez. do you have any content where you actually talk about the moves you’re performing?

  11. "Greece knows its glory days were 2,000 years ago, the people there are really chill…France and Spain still thinks they're world powers like they were 500 years ago."

  12. Hikaru: good at chess
    Also Hikaru: 0 drip

    Correlation ?

  13. Lmaoooo couldnt imagine how bad everyone feels getting SMASHED by such a low number guy

  14. this is so nice to be able to see how a high rated good chess player plays openers etc helps me out thnks

  15. All the talk about the natural stuff got me all shocked. Down here in Mexico anything canned is so expensive and organic is so cheap to the point most people don't like it because it's believed that only poor people eat from organic trees and not from green house or transgenic plants. That's crazy. I guess it has its pros and cons living in such a rich country.

  16. 25:54
    Normal people laugh : Hahahahaha
    Nakamura laughing : leeet's Castle Rock e8 hahaha

  17. Man he likes robot, he dont give a f when he play, just move and talk with the chat, ggwp

  18. The greatest chess players are undiscovered. I might be your phenom right here. I just can't seem to get the patience to go for some kinda GM level rating it's not how I play or who I'am! I play chess to have fun, at some point you can change the fun into some other things that usually result in a headache.

  19. Why does hikaru always talk like he is explaining a really interesting topic when he is talking about the shirt he is wearing, idk if its just me.

  20. You should get into Valorant not Fortnite. The former rewards big brains much more than the latter.

  21. Man, I dunno hikarus actual politics, but I'd love to ask him what he thinks cheap is.

    I'd agree prepared veggies aren't cheap, but get the shit unprepped and it's pretty fucking cheap.

  22. Honestly just found u out, and when I heard your talking about your grandparents I instantly thought of mine and how Were both going through it. I hope u stayed strong. I know I’m trying…

  23. same day just one year later and that's how entertaining i found this video

  24. This thumbnail is hilarious 😂, it must be me on the floor getting beat down.

  25. The Mexican Chicken Pizza was brutal!

  26. Himaru: now i fork the king and the knight and then i win
    no you playing against 500 you won before the game started lol

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