POV: You’re A 500 Rated Player vs Hikaru | Scrub Stomping Speedrun Part 1

Hikaru vs 500s in a new Speedrun titled STOMPING SCRUBS! He’ll play the whole speedrun during viewer arenas so viewers get to be a part of it! Join us on twitch to try to play him.

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  1. Do a stream where you try to beat people at what they’re good at. This doesn’t even make sense to me lol…

  2. Jesus loves you alot trust in His death 4 salvation and be saved from eternal hell <3 Jesus died on the cross for you bro.

  3. Look Hikaru, one Day I will beat you with such a Elegance that anybody will believe, why? Because sometimes, even the devil sits backs and admirers my work, get ready, I'm on my way to Glory.
    But i like you very much, you are funny 😂

  4. I’m quite late to this video, and I am not really good at chess, but at 2:00 , why is it a fork? Couldn’t Queen C2 protect the pawn?

  5. I would be interested to see him do these speed runs intoxicated and taking a shot for every win.

  6. The commentary is really annoying. You don't take a breath in-between sentences, and you're banking about yourself and your stream the whole time. If you showed it down and talked just about the chess it would be a much better watch

  7. Kinda new to the whole chess scene so I’m still learning how good all these professionals are. It really blew my mind when he was casually talking about speed running 2000 rated players lmao

  8. “So the power rated viewers have a chance”

    A chance of losing every time?

  9. As an 850 I’d love to play (and get destroyed by) Hikaru.

  10. This reminds me of call of duty pub stomping back in the day 😂

  11. Well if we use our brains it's easy to acknowledge that coca cola is much cheaper to produce than pomegranate juice. But yeah, produce is hella taxed.

  12. Is this a thing in the chess community? Smurfing on new players and streaming it? Weird

  13. The thumbnail and title of this video are actually top tier.

  14. Started playing chess because of Andrew Tate love it!

  15. Bro I’m a 500 rated player… that hurts my feelings

  16. “Ok so he resigns let’s keep going” no fam he just ran out of time

  17. I wonder if when you create an account just to grind up the ranks quickly would you have to give the website advance warning. In case you get flagged for cheating.

  18. At 8:49 ish the guy resigns but couldn’t the queen prevent checkmate

  19. Has Hikaru played any strategy video games like Star Craft or Mobas like League of Legends or Dota 2?

  20. “So this gives everyone a great, great opportunity”.


  21. "we'll keep at 7 anyways cause im gonna win this game obviously" 😂😂

  22. Hikaru: causally talking about Hawaiian shirts
    Guy playing against him: LITERALLY SWEATING

  23. Magnus is register Republican. Who is better hikaru or Magnus?

  24. Loved seeing the Vienna game played game 2 ❤️❤️

  25. Defeated aron in 14 lmao( i have no rank and lose to him almost every other time )

  26. ??? That's not true at all. Rice and beans are very healthy and dirt cheap. bananas are like less than 2 bucks for 5lbs.

    there is clearly some cognitive dissonance or bias going on but yah.. absolutely fucking not. eating healthy, actually healthy, not marketed healthy, is cheap af.

  27. Hikaru literally went American psycho with that "in touch with reality" line.

  28. Hikaru not having arrows is not Hikaru

  29. Can't believe I got to play Hikaru 4 times! It was an absolute pleasure. Thank you Hikaru!

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