Pinkamena (1580) vs E. Soloviev (0). Chess Fight Night. CFN. Blitz

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  1. там можно было ферзя взять оба провтыкали что покемонша что соловей….

  2. Wait wut? Pinky plays Qh5?? at 5:23 but black doesn't take it, and after that Pinky doesn't take Qb5 🤨🤨 and even after that black doesn't take Qh5… Wut?

  3. Играли, играли. Отдай ферзя…

  4. Both players had hanging queens for several moves and their opponent didn't see it !?

  5. 7:20. El cazador cazado. Quedaban 9 segundos para Pinky. Da igual, tiempo suficiente para mate. Y otro que se rinde a Pinky, y así evitar el mate.

  6. I love Pinkamena’s mischievous grin at 3:15. I’m probably too sentimental, but I think she likes extending games with newbies. There’s just a different vibe to her demeanor. And of course, always encouraging words at the end.

  7. Good game; must not have seen her Queen, but very well played nonetheless. 🌺

  8. Tu sonrisa de satisfacción, bravo Pinka…aunque un rival muy fácil.

  9. ✰𝑝𝑖𝑛𝑘𝑎❤️𝑚𝑒𝑛𝑎✰

  10. Que pasó a los 5:21..? Le dejó la Dama regalada por varios movimientos y ninguno de los 2 la vió..? 🤔😱🤯

  11. Pinka's smile at 6:47 nicely balances the agony of the face of the opponent! 😊

  12. ¿Por qué no ponen la fecha en que se realizó el evento? Why don't they put the date the event took place? Почему не указывают дату события?

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