Pinkamena (1558) vs V. Gerasimov (1661). Chess Fight Night. CFN. Blitz

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  1. Me encanta cuando entienden su ganada. Bravo otra vez.

  2. Like if you love/like playing chess
    And you watch chess.btw I’m the first comment can I get pinned?
    Like here

  3. Gerasimov proved smart in giving double check and mate!

  4. Здравствуйте!а подскажите, почему в одном блитце 3 минуты таймера,а в этом блитце 5 минут?

  5. How dare they interrupt a clock slapping tournament with a chess game 😁 12:50 was a slip… but?

  6. last move from black shouldve been king to b1.

  7. Excelente triunfo Pinkamena, pero hay que reconocer que el tiempo vino en tu ayuda( es parte del juego)…Rb1 se complicaba la partida

  8. maybe an illegal move when pinky slide her rook on f2…dangerously dropping/sliding over f3

  9. Как они быстро друг другу руки жмут, когда дилетантам ещё не всё очевидно

  10. Пинка – мастер ладейных окончаний!

  11. wow, two of the most beautiful players in blue, besides Love and Alice…..

  12. A real classic of the CFN Junior League. It can’t be repeated enough how inspiring it is to watch young people dedicate to an intellectual pursuit… for the sheer joy of accomplishment! Bravo!

  13. Pinky is tough at the end always…she was down thro a lot of the game by a bit…but she seems to find ways to equalize when there are less pieces

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