Peter Svidler plays the Pirc against Vidit Gujrathi | Blitz Game 1

With Peter Svidler losing both Rapid games the score was now 11.5 – 4.5 in the favour of Vidit Gujrathi. This was their first blitz game. It was extremely important for Peter Svidler to strike back if he had any chances of making a comeback. Check out this game, the overall 7th game of the Maharashtra Challenge 2023.

Video: ChessBase India

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  1. Wow. Svidler kept control till the very end. Impressivily well played by black!

  2. I'm playing pirc every time i get black thanks to @ Robert Namirez

  3. At least put a mini chess board on screen to see moves clearer

  4. Peter Svidler is a legend hats off 👍to him

  5. VD is an idiot. Wasting so much time in the beginning. What the hell. The opening is what you shouldn't waste time on.

  6. Bravo to Svidler! Still a great legend!

  7. At the end, Vidit was telling Peter that at 5:07, instead of Qxa5, he could have gone Qc6 and the B on f4 doesn't have moves. Black is threatening Nc3 hitting the Q. Peter missed that black had checkmate on g2.

  8. Wait a sec…is it really the Pirc defence.. because I think That this is the king's Indian defence

  9. Shaky table…Must be irrtation for both players?

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