PAWN UP ROOK ENDGAME! Aleksandar Indjic vs Magnus Carlsen | World Blitz Chess Championship 2021 R3


  1. Napred Inđo, s ponosom te gledamo. Go Inđa, we are proud of you. Congrats.

  2. Magnus is really no 1 grandmaster in the world

  3. Put music in these videos, it would make them a lot better

  4. It's just not the same when I can't hear David Howell breathing in through his teeth.

  5. Loving how Magnus manipulates his king position in the endgame.
    5 pawns v 4 pawns should have been difficult to win, but Magnus calculates so damned quickly, it is insane.

  6. Beautiful Endgame from The Number One 🙌

  7. Can u PLZZ tell me which app is on the board

  8. Increíble el cálculo del medio juego y la técnica del final. Qué simple parece…

  9. For a second I thought my 11th earphones are broken, damn

  10. Love watching magnus from when he was a kid beating the world champion to when he is the world champion

  11. Magnus forces enemy into war, and at the end, he's always left with a 1 pawn advantage… He converts small advantage into win.

  12. Could someone possibly explain to me why Magnus did not take the knight with his bishop at 2:15 but with his queen instead? Because as far as I can see he could have taken it with the bishop and kept his queen. Was he anticipating a trade or something?

  13. Молодец Магнус,отличная игра!

  14. Can't understand how is this checkmate happen, anyone please explain ????

  15. Amazing play. I thought you are already losing.

  16. Dobro si se drzao alex ima bolji u zavrsnici ipak si igrao sa najjacim

  17. That is it, when you play very well and you lose.

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