ONLY 1 SECOND on the CLOCK! | Magnus Carlsen vs Tsydypov Zhamsaran – World Blitz Chess Championship


  1. How someone with a rational mind goes exd4 (5:29) opening the c4 square to Magnus' awkward and out-of-play knight on b2.

  2. Carlson is one of the brightest people in world history! Come in, show some maturity and appreciation for his God-given gift!

  3. GM Carlsen, a 4,000 ELO performing machine, there's only one way to win is to understand the specific knowledge in endgame techniques such as structures, chains and pawn islands, knight maneuvers and rook cutting that they defend like the force theory (fortress). Impossible for a normal human being to calculate against an engine. Only human with a mind trained in mathematical calculations or human calculators. Theories of endgames and pieces are the main foundation, more important than calculus.

  4. Magnus, where you always so smart? When I was in grade schools, multiple times my teachers caused me huge embarrassment by telling all my classmates that I was some kind of a genius. Seems like all it did was cause me a lot of untold pressure to try to out perform those extreme expectations. Can you please respond if you had the same type of experiences as a child?

  5. Dear Magnus you are my life inspiration I hope to become as good as you with your life qualitys and humor and an amazing chess player

  6. NJ..def need some work on the production value, doesn’t have to be Hikaru good.

  7. Why don't you get one of your peoples to commentate over this.

  8. Magnus won't play against a "soulless bot," because it's called mittens, not because it's a bot. Magnus made his own bot, played against it, & promoted it. World chess champion is a lying hypocrite & that speaks for itself

  9. Video with NO SOUND is suffocating. You need atmosphere.

  10. Magnus thinks his moves more in one game that I ever did or will think in my life

  11. Despite the financial instability all over the world, I’m so excited I’ve been earning $45,000 from my $10,000 investment every 10days…

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