NFL Stars Larry Fitzgerald Jr, Kyler Murray, Chidobe Awuzie, & more Compete in Chess! BlitzChamps II’s all-star hunt for the best chess player in the NFL is back for a second edition featuring eight of your favorite footballers. BlitzChamps II kicks off on June 23 with $100,000 at stake for charity and the all-important bragging rights for the players. Reigning BlitzChamps king Chidobe Awuzie returns to defend his title against NFL stars including Larry Fitzgerald Jr., Richard Sherman, and Kyler Murray among others!

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  1. only in NFL blitzchamps stream can a player have a friend standing behind them using their phone during the middle of a game ๐Ÿคฃ

  2. GOAT is Tom Brady obviously

  3. All of the dislikes are European kids who thought Messi would play

  4. Chido couldn't get the repeat. Drue Tranquill not only turning heads on the football field any more. Impressive win.

  5. 4:07:00 constant technical screwups everywhere. Just leave the viewers and commentators hanging indefinitely…. Why does everyone think it's ok? 99% would be avoidable if folks were competent at the work they get paid for…. Almost always computer – related. Always the same story: poorly-designed software, poorly operated.

  6. It is refreshing to those of us who watch the chess pros a lot to watch play from pros in other fields but mortals like ourselves in chess. Quite an interesting change of pace, and nice to be able to spot a few moves the players don't see. Both commentators were very good at moderating this kind of chess. Let's have more of these. Thanks.

  7. Not being able to show the mating combo in the championship matchup is really weak broadcasting.

  8. Fun tournament but it was kinda hard to watch the stream and had to eventually turn it off. John Urschel kept up the best he could but there needed to be a 3rd chess commentator to help fill in the gaps. Someone that could see and understand what's happening on the board AND listen to/respond to Danny at the same time.ย 
    There were so many awkward moments when Danny would say something about a game and John would respond with something completely different i.e. whatever he was focused on while not listening to Danny. ๐Ÿ™‚

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