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  1. Winning at blitz is more dependent on native ability than tournaments.

  2. Magnus Carlsen is just ascending the steps of chess heaven at this point

  3. how many times is magnus gonna get the top 1 spot

  4. anyone knows how to play against an all queen matchup like levy has made videos on

  5. "Magnus becomes the world champion"
    Omg, I am shocked

  6. Bro's so good he prolly lost count of how many times he won

  7. Didn’t he show up late to one of the matches also with like 30 seconds left? Bro he’s legit just the GOAT at this point

  8. I’m so confused

    Didn’t Magnus say that he would not defend his championship title? Did he change his mind?

  9. The reign of Magnus "The Great".
    Enjoy it while it lasts.

  10. I think I’d be interesting and kinda funny if you covered some beginner level games😂

  11. Chess is the only sport with a defined GOAT.Ain't no living person debating that a man with THIRTEEN championships on his belt is not a god of the sport

  12. Im a chess beginner with fairly low rating , is there a place or educative book where I can learn chess techniques.

  13. Always impressed with Levy's ability to pronounce the chess player names. Although I guess I would not know if he said them incorrectly. 🤔

  14. Bro tried to make it harder too i mean 3 minutes to 30 seconds against a gm

  15. When you're 2 pawns down but still +4 in stockfish, you just can't positionally play better than magnus

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