New Challenge, New Contenders? Ft. Magnus, Fabiano, Assaubayeva | FIDE World Blitz Championship 2023

World number-one Magnus Carlsen is back to defend both his rapid and blitz world championships from 2022! Competing against the 15-time world champ is Fabiano Caruana, Ian Nepomniachtchi, and more of the world’s top players. Who will become the next world champions in chess, and claim their share of the total $1 million prize fund across the Open and Women’s events?


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  1. Great commentary but the live chat is mostly just an embarrassment. Endless cheering for Magnus which I’m sure he neither wants nor needs. Anybody who is tempted to write “he’s got this” should reflect on just how boring a human they wish to be

  2. Great stream, but horrible live chat, so much hate towards woman chess, it needs to be moderated more strictly.

  3. 6:30:07 CRAZYYYYYY NIHAL STORYYYY!!!!!!!!!! 5HRS OF BLITZ BECAUSE HE DIDNT LOSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Apparently nihal started playing blitz and the challange was keep on playing until a loss….

  4. Wow. The Russians somehow continue to compete well without permission to show their flag. Way to teach those Russians a lesson FIDE.

  5. Please, provide a camera view of the actual board from the white pieces side OR show us the two dimensional board LARGE enough to see.

  6. Hans isn’t so strong without cheating I see

  7. Magnus crushes lower rated players and even with better position higher rated players are satisfied with a draw. No one tries to win. Thats just sad.

  8. I don't understand Dubov at all. He had an incredibly good day and then decides on two quick draws. It makes me hope he misses out by half a point tomorrow.

  9. My question is… do the narrators wear pants?

  10. And again. Chess broadcasts are the only "sport" broadcasts where we get to look at the faces of commentators staring at their computer screens. Why? Why do you waste the screen real estate on that. Makes no sense.

  11. This Coverage is broken. Moves on the virtual board too slow and bouncing back and forward. Video feed delayed and not a good angle. Commentators are confused and so is the viewer….not worth watching.

  12. Funny player gather all what the world chess

  13. Duda such a joke play that dead draw, today gms are joke😂😂😂

  14. Typical Russian chess.. Fide needs an enema to save chess from nationalism. Also not many players from free democratic countries what up with that?

  15. Why do they place the world championship in a country with such bad internet? It should be held in a country where the internet is stable enough for the stream to be watchable….

  16. Peter Leko is a phenomenal commentator and analyst. Five stars to Mr Cemento!

  17. Am I missing the Leko's famous old games references?

  18. Awesome suit GMHess!!! This beats the Michigan football game 😂😂

  19. Please give us the full playlist of music used, the nightbot one has deleted tracks

  20. Why can't the organisers get the basics right? This is the worst tournament from a streaming/tech point of view I have ever followed. The lags and delays have ruined everything.

  21. Brilliant commentary by both GMs !! Leko is absolutely amazing !!

  22. dubov will be champ soon, magnus teach him well

  23. "live" board. Yeah yeah, better use a ouija board to communicate us the current position, would be even more reliable.

  24. I hope Magnus will win the blitz as well as he won the rapid tournament.

  25. This should have been the best tournament of the year, but it was hands-down the most unwatchable, confusing tournament I've ever seen.

  26. Females had their own speed tournament section becuase otherwise they wouldn't come close to qualifying with everyone else this year. So now they can participate and maybe bring chess awareness to more females. They show up to take that money the national attention from the 'actual' open section brought.

    So in order for women to play, they need special tournament rules all to be equal. Please note, theres not one other group of people that have their own tournament rules. Even blind men and women choose to play with everyone else. While real accommodation could be made for actual handicapped individuals, we get this.
    Happy Holidays!

  27. FIDE's coverage is an utter embarrassment. The whole tournament was riddled with technical issues which absolutely should not be a thing in 2023. The moves and board ARE the tournament and you can't even show them? This was saved by GM Hess and GM Leko's brilliance as commentators. Imagine an organisation showcasing one of their most presitigious and entertaining events of the year only for this to be presented.. God knows how much faith advertisers and sponsors will have lost after this. Baffling and shocking.

    The chess was cracking though.

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