Nepomniachtchi Spends Almost No Time and Beats Three-time World Blitz Chess Champion Grischuk

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  1. Grischuk is gonna be mad tonight that's for sure

  2. Nepo looks good with this new hairstyle

  3. Wait… So this isn't over yet? Didn't that 17 year old win already?

  4. He clearly knows a thing or two about chess. Someone should ask him how does the knight move

  5. Nepo won a game in Rapid too without spending time. (Against Duda).

  6. Nepo dressing like a NYC chess hustler for these world class tournaments & just walking over these elites is just funny

  7. Looks like fide is relaxed about the dress code

  8. Nepo’s hair keeps leveling up every time I see him

  9. Nepo plays chess like a machine crazy skills

  10. Nepo a real one for bringing that shirt to the world championship

  11. Is that really Grischuk? He looks like he's aged too quick

  12. That look at 1:20 haha, "really?", and Sascha is just… "I know, sorry"

  13. Is that Nepo's instinct or insane calculation or prep? That makes him so fast

  14. It's normal… He most likely ran into a line that nepo had prepared for wch match…

  15. Nepo was mad at "Thug Life" for something he said to Russian media during the Dubai wcm.

  16. is he really wearing a DOTA2 Tide Hunter shirt ? XD

  17. Nepo: this russian trying to beat the best in Russia? No man. Let me do this quick.

  18. After mvl twitt, so organiser change the dresscode rule is it?

  19. Is nepo wearing a tidehunter suit from dota2

  20. Youngsters in chess are strong and confedent …. Where as old people in chess are strong and experienced

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