Nepo vs Hari | The heated finish | World Blitz 2022

Harikrishna was the highest finishing Indian at the World Blitz Championships 2022. He scored 13 out of 21 and also gained some rating. His finest performances came against some of the best players in the world. He beat Caruana and drew against MVL and Anish Giri. In this game he was pitted against the World Championship contender and one of the strongest players in the world Ian Nepomniachtchi. The game is very exciting with Sicilian being played and Black king stuck in the center. The end of the game is also quite heated with both players down to their last few seconds before the game was decided.

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Video: ChessBase India

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  1. Hari knock piece 2 times in this match
    First when he has 2 second which is makes Nepo Mad
    Second on H7 pawn He grabbed using another handi cant blame Nepo,it was frastrating ,imagine if u were Nepo in this situation ,what could u have done i can see a lot of dislikes for Nepo are coming from Biased people who were supporting Hari in this match

  2. Because of this aggression Russian’s can’t represent their country they are forced to play under the flag of FIDE

  3. Very rude and disrespectful behavior fram Nepo I must say.

  4. I generally don’t comment on top players behavior out of respect but calling Harikrishna a dirty player because he dropped the piece once, clearly accidentally is completely ridiculous. Ian was upset that he couldn’t win the game but there was no need to insult his opponent this way. No class.

  5. Nepo is correct here. Ppl here know nothing about chess. At the end hari touched the piece 5 times in a row before nepo hit the clock. This is forbidden. Not to talk about hari knocking piece and using 2 hands

  6. Nepo shows bad form for calling someone a cheater when it was obvious that it was a physical mistake.

  7. I don't believe after bxc3, thatswhite in lost position, GM pentala cannot win. That's why I believe I am GM super now, even I work as Government office, hahaha…

  8. I don’t know why he is upset from such game when he shamefully and miserably underperformed during his time to clinch the championship against Magnus. If the slip made by magnus , no such disrespectful reaction would happen

  9. Disappointing that Nepo couldn't take the draw with grace, conveniently forgetting he literally threw a pawn on the floor when playing against Dubov. Hari deserved to be respected for the draw, not given that treatment. I hope they catchup afterwards and Nepo has an opportunity to apologise, and they can talk about it.

  10. At the time of the clock clamping, Hari had only one second left if he had raised the figure of Jan first, he would have lost! But I also believe that this was not on purpose

  11. I've seen unsportsmanlike behavior from Nepo before.

  12. that's why I hate to play blitz over the board pieces flying, online is easier. Imagine them playing in the future classical

  13. Well done Hari….your composure was intact. You looked disappointed but you did not pay back Nepo in the same coin. Sobriety !!

  14. En 7:57 Nepo da a entender que acepta las disculpas. Si no fuese así, pararía el reloj y llamaría al árbitro. Si no lo llamó nunca, no puede después desdecirse y no perdonar a su rival. Nepo no tiene razón y además es un maleducado.

  15. Firstly, As per the rules if Nepo would have called the arbiter at 7:50. Nepo might have been given the win due to illegal play by Hari. But Nepo didn't call the arbitar.
    But that doesn't give Nepo any right to accuse Hari as a dirty player is unacceptable. and Nepo can't take out his frustrations on opponent for an unintentional mistake.

  16. Nepo has been always like this. Very straightforward and rude towards other players, he always had this superiority complex untill his WC match with Carlsen. Magnus humbled him a little, but one cannot teach someone to be respectful unless they themselves want.

  17. Slipped 5 times in a row? 😂 Nepo needs to get an eye checkup done ASAP 😅 But yes, Hari did slip twice and just once on Nepo's time for which he apologized immediately. This happens in Blitz OTB. That exchange at the end though was uncalled for. Guess at the end Nepo was just salty that he could not make his crushing attack work. 😅 Well done by Hari to keep calm 👍

  18. It’s so good that we have Magnus to keep these idiots egos in check.
    Nepo becomes very submissive when he is playing Magnus or even Hikaru.

  19. If you think he played dirty, just keep it to yourself and teach him a lesson next time but smashing during hand shake especially when you're higher rated is RUDE.

  20. Black clearly played unfair and no Nepo is not rude… you press clock with hand that you use for moving. Also if you knock over a piece you correct on your time. the fact that Hari did not do that shows lack of chess education and sportsmanship

  21. Nepo just being nepo.. finally people start to see his real nature

  22. Surprising to see GM Nepomniachtchi behaving this way. He never struck me of the ruder kind.

  23. Don’t worry Hari Krishna one day you will rock and will become world champion

  24. hari, if you see this dont even worry about it. nepo mad he coudlnt get through your defense lol.

  25. We are living the era of the most childish chess players that had ever lived. The way they greet their opponents after a loss is disgusting..

  26. Even if you are a good chess player, but are mannerless, rude and shameless – world will not give a shit about your talents. Nepo is one such rare talent.

  27. Nepo just couldn't resist calling him a dirty hari 😂

  28. If whites claiming he played dirty on a clear slip I would be suspicious of him now anytime he does it.

  29. I hope Ding Liren kicks his ass in the World Championship. This guy is absolute disgrace. Not just this incident, look at his bizarre facial expressions in all his games.

  30. Nepo's clock was zero at the end!

  31. Nepo Unfit for being chess player what a worst attitude he has….
    Harikrishna ❤️❤️🇮🇳🇮🇳🙌🙌👌👌💥💥🔥🔥

  32. Very Rude behavior by Nepo.Rooting for Ding to win the world chess championship

  33. Nepo has easy win with Qc5 ! instead Qd3 ? (6:56 second of this video). I think Qc5 ! is mate in two. If play Bd5 to prevent the mate than Qe3! is best move and next ed5 wininig.

  34. I don't know why Indians always drop so many pieces in blitz

  35. A perfect example of Importance of EQ over IQ

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