Nepo vs Hari | The heated finish | World Blitz 2022

Harikrishna was the highest finishing Indian at the World Blitz Championships 2022. He scored 13 out of 21 and also gained some rating. His finest performances came against some of the best players in the world. He beat Caruana and drew against MVL and Anish Giri. In this game he was pitted against the World Championship contender and one of the strongest players in the world Ian Nepomniachtchi. The game is very exciting with Sicilian being played and Black king stuck in the center. The end of the game is also quite heated with both players down to their last few seconds before the game was decided.

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Video: ChessBase India

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  1. Hari is a superb player. Not only a top GM but also a very nice human being. It was indeed absolutely unintentional that he, under pressure, dropped the piece and put it back having pressed the clock first. The guy looked shocked after the short conversation at the end of the game. Both are magnificent players. Great game of chess but a forgettable ending.

  2. Nepo was very rude. He did not Shake Hari's hand, but struck it instead. Indian chess players are very gentlemen. Nepo totally disappointed me. I admire the calm of Ding Liren, Duda, Artemiev, Esipenko, Nihal, Caruana, Anand and many others.

  3. That is uncalled for towards Hari. Hari is a model professional and i don't like Ian's behavior at all.

  4. now we all know who hari is gonna support in the world championsip match

  5. is this a promo for a future chessboxing match? i'd watch

  6. 7:55 and Hari apologises then9:23 but that's unintentional and because it's a blitz it's happens but we all can see that nepo's frustation is because he didn't win

  7. Nepo completely out of line. Disgraceful behaviour for a World Championship Candidate.

  8. Nepo being Salty , we all know it …show me something new 😪

  9. New title: Nepo could not finish it and gets irritated

  10. Is it okay to slap a players hand ? If you are unsatisfied call the arbiter,why such disrespect?

  11. lol dude was salty from the draw. That's not dirty play it's just moving a little to fast when your low on time and knocking over a piece.

  12. Daylam Ian Fernandez de Castro Del Carpio says:

    Ian is such a kid…

  13. Ding better not knock down pieces in the WCC ….

  14. Если игрок извинился, то что??? Если бы он поправил упавшего слона, то просрочил бы время – это факт. Поэтому все эти извинения не имеют никакого значения! Цена вопроса упавший флаг или поправления за время соперника, кому в этой ситуации дело до извинений?!

  15. Половина комментариев говорит о том, что если извинился то можно ронять фигуры и поправить за время соперника?!! Тогда фраза должна звучать так:"извини, но если я поправлю фигуры то упадет мой флаг!"

  16. Is this the best fight that we can record in Chess competition!!
    Give me a break !!

  17. I have nevera liked that nepo… The Indian have dónde It great

  18. Nepo grab hari's hand …in a way
    It should be called out

  19. Is that immature kid going to take the WC title? geez

  20. Nepo is overreacting. A mature player would admit the result on the board without blaming irrational causes

  21. Slipped five times in a row!!!! Nepomnishit should have a chill pill, he should not take his own internalised frustration come to the fore when not making a winning position tell, very bad form from the second-best player in world chess.

  22. What was the problem with Nepo hahaha carlsen destroyed you hahaha

  23. I think Ian got upset for not being able to score a win in which seemed like a crushing attack. Hari did not play dirty from my perspective.

  24. Lost respect for Nepo, he can't be defended for this incident. Hari was a gentleman and I'm not saying this because I'm an Indian but because I can see what happens here

  25. Isme dirty wali kya baat hai ….piece slipped magnus se bhi hota hai …. wosko koi ni bolta Qki woh board pr hi fad dega ….
    Khud check dekr time gain kiya to ni jab hari ne diya to itna frustration 🤥 🤦‍♂️😆🤣


  26. I just lost my total respect for Nepo! (Especially since I was rooting for him last year against Carlsen)
    A person's true character comes through when they're angry and frustrated.
    He should have accepted the draw with good sportsmanship and vent alone.We all have games where our opponent is cornered but we fail to clinch the win because of time pressure, very frustrating indeed. However to cast aspersions on a honorable player is contemptible!
    I hope he apologizes & soon ❕

  27. What a disrespectful player. Most of chess players are like that. That's why they are trash

  28. if Nepo didn't call to the arbiter just after the incident then he is accepting to continue with the game. He can't claim at the end if he accepted that and less to say that Hari played dirty.

  29. Call Nihal..nepo urgently needs a backrank mate agian..

  30. He is frustrated because he was not able to exploit the position and did not convert it a win, he was annoyed by how good hari's defence is. thats pretty much it.

  31. Since I don't know English very well, I couldn't understand what ian nepomniachtchi said at the end of the match. Can someone write what he said? PleaSe

  32. What a loser Ian is. Used to like him but seeing him calling Hari made me change my mind.

  33. I felt bad for Harikrishna. This is poor by Nepo, I hope he apologized later.

  34. 0 class from nepo , throwing emotions like a little child

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