Nakamura’s Knockouts: Who Can Defeat Hikaru In Blitz Chess?

GM Hikaru Nakamura takes on a horde of challengers over three hours of blitz chess. Can anyone defeat him?!

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  1. "And here I have mate in 3" holy shit.

    Ho-ly shit.

    That was amazing. ~11:00 just casually mentions a mate in 3 he found in under 2 seconds.


  2. Noone can defeate him. Nakamura is the best.

  3. Jeez, always winning! Doesn't it ever get tiring for Hikaru and all these top guys? Always having to say "it's just all over", "and now it's just game over", "yeah, and this is over", "this is all over now", "and it's just completely over", and my favorite at 49:10: "…because Bb4 Qc6 Bb5! might just be like, GAME OVA!" Like a samurai, hahaha.

  4. Pornhub milfs are pretty great but these games are better

  5. Does Magnus Carlsen play against Engines? Is that why he is never online?

  6. He hasn't streamed in a while. I hope he comes back soon.

  7. meanwhile bitcoin has quadrupled in value

  8. Nakamura is such a little twat. no respect at all.

  9. I know why Hikaru isn't playing in the Saudi Arabia tournaments, because the rights aren't right there

  10. Hi hikaru, i'm a big fan of you, i watched every game you played on chess. Com,streaming, i wish i play game with you just to hear you commenting my moves,

  11. You id please nakamura so i can add you, its trickymate777

  12. Hikaru is the best i love you bro keep going you're among legends, fisher , alkhine, capablanca, and murphy, i love your modesty, big big respect to your person

  13. I want you yo play Carlsen and see how you do. Taking advantage of weaker players? How many times have you lost to Carlsen? 1000?

  14. Wrong answer about either losing to Hansen or never being able to use his f-pawn again. He should clearly take the one time humiliating loss to Hansen in front of 80,000 people, because the humiliation from the multitude of inevitble losses that would result from (mysteriously) not being able to utilize his f-pawn would be far more devastating.

  15. The endgame with the knights and pawns against GabrielCardoso was just incredible. So fast! Hikaru's analytical skills are just out of this world.

  16. Karjakin and Carlsen can give Nakamura a hard time. Even Eric Hansen can win one or two games against Nakamura. But there is gonna be a huge difference. Maybe 7 out of 10. But hands down, Nakamura's games are the most exciting and fun to watch. unorthodox openings, crazy attacks, tactics, and a very solid defense.

  17. talking about SChess or Sheriwan Chess — i wonder instead of having extra pieces pop on to the board…couldn't they just simply modify the bishop and rook to also have knight moves.

  18. It's mind boggling as to how he does what he does. My word.

  19. Gosh, Docamura sees so much. Incredible. He is a treasure.

  20. Gm hikaru is half gray with some tal and fisher in him this video is awesome

  21. Takes takes takes and I just have a better postion …..overthinks and creates a better move

  22. Takes takes takes anddd…. my cock is just fatter

  23. did he just mate a 2500 player while giving advice on Bitcoins? insane!!!

  24. its sad that when theses top gm play online its always aranged, they never face a kid cheating with a chess bot like internetchesskiller with stockfish engine who could demolish them etc like us if we log online we face tons of cheater but them its all arranged

  25. So Hikaru's limit is thinking too conservatively. He does things calculated but instead of thinking beyond your best move he comes up with his best move and then makes it thus never exceeding his skill comparable to Magnus Carlsen. He gets better slowly as he trains so damn much but like I said not at the rate of Magnus for example. This working attitude is wrong simply because chess is a game and is meant to playfully be approached. The good thing is we have Carlsen for example to put him in his place so it's obvious to point his mistakes out with proof. I write this not because I dispise his achievements but because I think it's good to point out that having fun is more important than training and feeling good about yourself achieving these forced achiements accordingly.

  26. Guru Hikaru! Harvesting these 2500s like no other.

  27. I dont understand how he was able to take that pawn on f5 ar the end of the first game.

  28. I believe Sven can get the job done. Prove me wrong

  29. I think in Online Chess sites they gave players (+4 non stacking second) in every raunt. Because players plays rapidly in last seconds. It makes games more good.

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