Nakamura’s Knockouts: Seeking Blitz Chess Adoptions

Super-GM Hikaru Nakamura is back and playing a bunch of talented chess players including Alireza Firouzja and Daniel Naroditsky! Watch as he seeks to “adopt” these players!

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  1. You know, one of these days, I'm going to find myself in an otb tournament in a scary bad position and I'm going to blurt out loud "ay-yay-yay!"

  2. The speed of which you calculate is simply mind blowing. Great stuff.

  3. He says "you guys" Are there any females watching? Probably are, even though it may be less than 5%. should know the gender stats.

  4. "I should not have lost that game, that was ridiculous. Okay! Now its time to punish him" LOL

  5. 11:10 Yay the Ponomariov gambit! I had never actually seen someone play it. I've played a tournament game in this line.

  6. System sounds are too loud. Thank goodness you muted piece noises that was deafening.

  7. Firouzja 15 year old Persian GM. What a player…

  8. Holy fuck that game at 2:01:50. That was ridiculous. Please keep these streams going Nakamura. I'm probably too low rank to learn anything from these but they're super entertaining

  9. i love when Flaggaru loses on time xD

  10. Has Naka ever tried to play on lichess or was he ever on there? Seems to me like the best chess website by far nowadays

  11. Always watch your vids, but please lower the volume of your subscribers notice.

  12. What´s your favorite twelvehundred player?that was some question on Naka LOL

  13. Love the streams dude, please keep 'em up. BUT, you GOTTA' fix the volume level on these things. Your donation sound is deafening, and turning the video down to prevent it means I can't really hear you hardly at all. Do this for the children!!

  14. Great upload! Love the way you explain the plans behind the tatics. One thing became clear, you REALY HATE to lose kkkk (lol)

  15. amazing naka. gotta handle audio and video prior to launching stream. lmk if u ever need help

  16. At 33:30, Hikaru has K and Q vs K, and Firouzja runs out of time. why was that a draw, not a win for Naka?

  17. T2000: "have you seen this boy?"
    Nakamura: "If takes E6 then C7 and if knight B2 then castle rook takes A1"
    T2000: "okay I'm leaving! happy? walking away now…"

  18. hikaru your endgame and flagging skills are ferocious.

  19. Firouza do a lot better than Andrew Tang against Naka.

  20. How many of these guys use engines to play him I wonder…

  21. 17 minutes in…who's adopting who again?

  22. increible a Daniel …… Naka es una bestia


  24. Best player in the world so funny tank you

  25. oloko naka afino pro diamante kkkk

  26. Fuck Nakamura, the background noises man, i was almost fall sleeping

  27. Is it sooooo difficult to handle the sounds?

  28. As the stream went on, Naka became more and more evil.

  29. At 17:13, you could have just sacrificed your queen to be left with your king that has no legal moves and isn't in check. That would have been a draw.

  30. Hi. Can you tell me if you stream longer time control games, where you get to explain things a little more clearly? Its just that trying to follow these blitz games of yours is virtually impossible for me as a lowly, 1350 rated player.

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