Nakamura’s Knockouts: Elite Blitz Chess Battles

Hikaru Nakamura plays a four-hour blitz chess marathon against some of the best players on including young GM Alireza Firouzja, GM Daniel Naroditsky, and some anonymous but highly rated grandmasters!

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  1. Hikaru! Who is gonna win in November? Magnus or Fabiano?

  2. Grab your paapcaaarns….Nakamura is here. 🍥🍥

  3. Hikaru can see a hanging pawn in a 15 moves variation but he can't see a button in front of him

  4. YESSSSSSS this made my whole week haha I live for these Hikaru. Thank you for another knockouts video!

  5. I wish you could see the look I get from my wife when she finds out that Hikaru is streaming.

  6. finally after long time…
    naka naka naka 😁

  7. I love watching Hikaru playing the Knockouts. For some reason his internet never bails on him when he is losing. Almost like he must finish every single game.

  8. I bet my ass the other 2 anonymous players are Naroditsky too.

  9. I subscribed you I come from Bosnia and Herzegovina

  10. Is that Hikaru's internal dialogue we're being treated to? Is that a constant for him?
    Hikaru at breakfast:
    "Let's see, I could have eggs, bacon, juice, and toast…eat, eat, drink, eat. Or eat, eat, eat, drink. Or I could just have cereal if I wanna. But I don't wanna."

  11. Volume mixing totally messed up. All these twitch donations etc far too loud compared to Naka's commentary…

  12. so assuming he's American, and he's not Fabi, Naka, or So…. Shankland?

  13. Does Naka have a bad relationship with Eric Hansen?

  14. Epic beginning: he was already singing & dancing with Bf6+, forking the King and rook. Then: "Oh… just Rd5, huh?"

  15. Where is your magic drink then hikaru ;]

  16. @1:05:30 Hikaru begins a sequence of moves to gain King activity and eventually opposition in a Rook & pawn ending… brilliant stuff given that he is playing with seconds on the clock. Amazing stuff!!

  17. 3:22:21 after Qh7, the computer showed evaluation of +7.8, Q*f6, Qg7; Qd8 to gather the rest of the pawns, and white is definitely winning, Queens shouldn't be exchanged, because white Queen is much superior. Somehow nakamura saw something that couldn't have happened. Even after the trade, game is still equal

  18. It’s been a while since I’ve watched a naka stream. I’m only 22 mins in and I forgot how casually insane he is. Jesus. 😳

  19. 1:44:35 possibly the most ridiculous draw I’ve ever seen lol. It was a good laugh though.

  20. I really like how Firouzja has developed the last couple years. The kid’s attacking can be very creative. He goes for it and I respect that ✊

  21. 1:54:16 did firouzja join chessbrah to pick up that dirtiness? And the look on naka’s face is pure disgust lol. It’ll be a couple games to get over that one. Just don’t tilt!

  22. Naka, pls turn down your chess sounds. The capture sound is annoyingly loud. Great chess, great show, as always.

  23. It's funny how Eric Hansen's in Naka's mind even when they're not playing each other.

  24. Hikaru, I suggest that in the next videos put the bar of openings, to know which variant you use. Thanks.

  25. 2:00:41 reminiscing about the previous games lost position while playing another game LOL

  26. 9:06 how did he find that? It’s so stupid that you can’t draw arrows by default anymore

  27. He should do cooking video; I will copy his diet for higher elo

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