Nakamura’s Knockouts: Adopting GMs in Blitz Chess

Super-grandmaster Hikaru Nakamura attempts to adopt mortal grandmasters in a string of blitz chess battles.

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  1. GM NAKAMURA can you please do us a favor and play against Leela at Knight Odds there is now a bot on LiChess called "LeelaKnightOdds" in 5/3 time control, Lots and lots of GMs are loosing please show us that humanity still has a chance

  2. 1:32:33

    My how times changes. And here you are, doing a victory royale 4 years later.
    Grats on your success Hikaru.

  3. The year is 2023 almost 2024. Hikaru has qualified for the candidates and here shortly will be world chess champion

  4. I fell asleep and woke up to this. Honestly not mad lol

  5. Seeing this today in my video suggestions. I can safely say hikaru might become the ninja of chess streaming.

  6. Good for 50 mio but rich enough plz🎉🎉🎉😂

  7. God Bless you I had no idea you were against the dems way of life. Your good peoples

  8. Naka thank you :'v I like chess for you, I hope one day you can bite Carlsen

  9. I can watch nakamura all day do his thing …amazing…your fan from algeria

  10. Chess is brainy game which you can't develop are born with it….

  11. Naka is such a beast!!! As a 1300 player it’s hard to folllow his calculations but it’s sooooo entertaining to watch!

  12. Naka reminds me of Chong Li from "bloodsport" (with Carlsen being Frank Dux i guess). I am just imagining Naka say: "…very good. But bricks dont fight back!", and their final fight scene with Magnus where Naka blinds him with some illegal substance, but Carlsen reminds all the lessons he learnt with his Master, Simon Agdestein, and mates Naka while being blind and makes him say: "matte!"

  13. Did anyone realize that he said “if I get 1,000 subs then I’ll stream 24/7” more than 9+ times…. he already has 25,000 lmao

  14. GMHikaru – Can you post some shorter vids? No matter how much I like watching you play, a 4 hr post is tough.

  15. أحمد فؤاد عبد العباس مطرود says:

    Lol الشاه مات

  16. Is Naka a republican or democrat ? As he is registred in Florida to vote

  17. Great stuff man, fooling around going for a win every game is great, dont get this anywhere else.

  18. Good Humor and entertanment and great chess

  19. Do you support really good chess childrens ?

  20. Me watching Hikaru: Now this is pretty simple
    Me playing 2+1 after that and losing 10 games consecutively: Wtf

  21. Regarding Hikaru's musing about "gratis" meaning free, starting at 3:37:58: The word indeed derives from Latin, from "gratia" = thankfulness, in the (I think) Ablative plural case of "gratiis", literally: to do something just for the thanks or for kindness = for free.

    And while "gratiis" (often contracted to "gratis") made its way with that meaning into many European languages, the original meaning of Lat. "gratia" (thankfulness) can also still be found in many Romance languages and languages with Romance influences, for example "grazie" = thanks in Italian, "gratefulness", "gratitude", "gratification" etc… in English, and, quite confusing for a German, even in the Swedish "grattis", which does not mean "for free" but congratulations 🙂

  22. He seems to be fine with being the king in That's impressive but it would be more impressive if he translated that into a win in the Blitz World Championship? The real world? Not denying he is one the best players, no doubt. He's a huuuuge talent. But that fucking norwegian owns him anywhere, anytime.

  23. Amazing! Feeling privileged to get to witness this.

  24. why do you have the microphone so near to the mouse?

  25. this is awesome to watch. thank you for sharing.

  26. So this is America's leading Chess Champion ..! Show me your TRUE POWER!

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