Nakamura’s Knockouts: 3100 Blitz Chess Hype!

Hikaru Nakamura is back over 3100 in blitz chess. He’s kicking butts and taking names in a blitz chess session that runs over three hours!

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  1. NOTE to Hikaru's team, these crazy Blitz games should be made as a series or something; because many of the new channel followers never knew about these long vids and they will make great content.

  2. People call hikaru the best blitz player of all time,I call him The Blitzkrieg.

  3. I love his streams (Especially the old ones). So satisfying to watch someone play chess this fast and accurate while explaining his thought process.

  4. I just shat the bed massively.. i played a misclick and placed my queen right infront of the other rook

  5. Hey Naka! Loving these regular uploads!! Massive fan from Down Under, Australia!

  6. Mr. Nakamura, may I ask where you are streaming? I would love to see it live next time

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