Nakamura’s Knockouts: 3100 Blitz Chess Hype!

Hikaru Nakamura is back over 3100 in blitz chess. He’s kicking butts and taking names in a blitz chess session that runs over three hours!

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  1. This is what it looks like when a professional plays amateurs

  2. Que animal! Como carajos hace para jugar partidas a 1 min y comentarlas a la vez .. una máquina!

  3. Anyone else get tilted by Naka's jittery piece placement? Like 10% of the time he actually lands the piece cleanly in the square he's moving to. The rest of the time it's jiggling around in the new square like he's suffering from withdrawal symptoms.

  4. Guessing Magnus taught you "Sjakk matt" 😉

  5. Join lichess titled arena!! Lets see if you can premove against dr nyckterstein 😉

  6. Does anyone want to state the obvious? Game 10, lagging, so why the heck don't chess sites calculate your total lag, then tell you at the end of the game? That way, at least you know what is happening with your time, and you can decide whether you still want to play under those conditions. Or if it isn't lag, you know it is your chess that needs improving. Simple, right?

  7. if you can predict people's moves this far into the future, you can either be an elite chess player or a James Bond villain. both good options, James Bond villain has better benefits (dental is included), there are no easy choices in life

  8. Hikaru you are better then magnus but some how you loose to him…

  9. Why does he sometimes click on a piece again when putting it down?

  10. You are my all time favorite chess pro. I'd love to see videos of you analyzing games , It'db oost our chess. Keep up the good work, bro.

  11. 2:08:04 It appears that Jaspem misses a backrank checkmate with Rg8 !! Rxg8 (forced), Rxg8 Kxg8, Qe8 checkmate. Funny how Naka celebrates on the next move.

  12. Пиздец Хикару играет просто как зверь

  13. Guy would have adopted a 2980 if not for lag. That is remarkable sir. Subscribed.

  14. as a german hear you saying ''schachmatt'' made me happy 🙂

  15. At 2:13:34 why white didn't Ng4-f2 exchange knight for the pass d pawn?? if bishop f3 check white can easily Kc2? Or Rb4 check could be better?

  16. Que hace con la plata un jugador de la Elite? A mi me parece que deberían hacer una ayuda mutua para planear un mayor planeta y combatir el calentamiento global, de esa manera estaríamos haciendo guerra pero esta vez de manera conjunta y daremos el mejor ejemplo para la juventúd

  17. Incredible play. I have a blitz of 600. I'm 12 and still learning. You should train me!

  18. Hikaru, go buy a nice silent mouse… this clicking in the bkg is annoying!

  19. How? I could take like an hour for my next move and it would still be a blunder.

  20. this is casual daylight point robbery by naka

  21. no idea how carlsen can win hikaru lol

  22. Started 3095, blitzering chess, a blunder, ended 3103. Three hours of chess. This is hard.

  23. What means adoption? Win of 10 games in a row?

  24. Those indian IMs be down -10 with 1 sec on the clock and still play on lmao

  25. No juicers were hurt in the making of this video

  26. When hikaru play I does make sense but then I play it doesn't make sense it's a blunder

  27. I really enjoy watching the games you make it look so easy

  28. I don't understand what you mean by adopting them

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