Nakamura Vs IM Kiewra: 9 Blitz Chess Games

GM Hikaru Nakamura accepts the challenge from IM Keaton Kiewra, beginning a wild series of blitz chess games against the always aggressive Kiewra.

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  1. in the past 3 years theres only been 3 new comments 0-0

  2. Why i feel like ive seen this? Few days ago.

  3. Hikaru is the best grandmaster ever, he is so humble and he beats u while drinking RedBull. I mean which grandmaster does that?

    Hikaru does! 😉

  4. I didn't know Grob's attack thanks for that one

  5. Why is he flipping screens. He has massive list of lines for each opening?

  6. 21:43 Does Naka not know about the right-click on the mouse to return your current move?

  7. What happened on the latest Titled Tuesday Naka?


  9. Bitch you have no money for by a mosue. You beg for donations. Hikaru is the worst GM. a beggar 😠 .2:35

  10. Dude you don't live to far from me can you sign my chess board man???

  11. Always cool to watch Nakamura! I believe that my chess games and thus videos on my channel improve because I watch Naka 🙂 Although 1900 is far away from his level :))

  12. a different mouse I don't know, but your mic can use an upgrade too. Not complaining though, I like your channel a lot!

  13. Interesting games. Gotta watch that multi-tasking Naka^^

  14. I agree with both the mouse and mousepad suggestions. Both are amazing and will greatly reduce the chances for a mouse slip

  15. I guess Kiewra really didn't want to get adopted

  16. Накамура, я буду учить английский, чтобы смотреть твои трансляции😎😎😏🐧😎😎😏

  17. GM Hikaru best of luck vs. Karjakin

  18. Why is this guy asking for donations every minute and a half ? Does he not have money ? Guys been at the top of chess for years and still needs a few bucks from random stream watchers ? So if ur not magnus in chess ur just broke I guess

  19. how could such a "low" rated player miss 0:47 Bf7+ maybe even without taking on d6? or maybe somewhere e5 would hang but definitely after ed6 he must have gone for that sac

  20. It's relaxing to watch Hikaru play chess and talk I don't know why but I would sleep if I play against him

  21. Does anyone know why it's been a while since Naka has posted a video on YouTube?

  22. El GM Hikaru youtubers? ¡wow! no me lo esperaba venir jajajaxd.

  23. Hi Gigaru, when will appear a new videos!?)

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