My Honest Reaction After Becoming World Blitz Chess Champion

Magnus Carlsen beats Nodirbek Abdusattorov and he becomes World Blitz Chess Champion


  1. This man inspires me to become a better version of my current self

  2. Mas Brllante y Nada Mas!❤❤❤❤😂 JonPaco

  3. Je reconnais cette chemise à l'arrière plan.

  4. Hey, since when did Magnus have a youtube channel? This is epic!

  5. Top 4 chess players
    1 cagnus marlsen
    2 drunk magnus
    3 sick magnus
    4 blindfold magnus


  7. Hikaru in the backround struggling😅

  8. Chalo to meri taraf se chole bhature kha lena

  9. dude, there's no better than you, you have to play against artificial intelligence like deep blue, take what I say seriously!!! play with artificial intelligence

  10. Magnus do you played with praggnanda..

  11. God I wish I could play against him just once! magnus is an amazing soul

  12. I think i'm the only one who don't understand how he won 😅😅

  13. I was not understanding these chess memes on my feed so i learned chess💀.

  14. Bro come bangladesh challenge me im scarlett freya

  15. Sacrifices the knight, pawn takes, queen check, bishop cover the dark square, unstoppable mate (queen moves into the protected square and mates)

  16. This is not the same game on board that u show

  17. Abdusattarov also very good i saw several times

  18. Why the opponent gives handshakes, that means draw or, win, i don't know any, one, tell❤

  19. Me realizing it Mr. Magnus Carlsen's official account. 💀

  20. I like how chess has the only comment section where no one dare give idiotic and random things

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