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  1. I remember watching this live last night… pretty funny after all the girlfriend/guys who text your girl after 10pm last night XD

  2. hutch you should post final game from last night. that was amazing. dropping your queen for the mate hahahah

  3. Almost thought you slipped a shit there lol GG tho!

  4. whats the name on that you are smoking bro?
    btw nice vid as always

  5. Wow! That was simply inspiring. Well done sir.

  6. This was the greatest stream session…ever. The bonding was real

  7. Oh yeah, well try playing a real game like checkers. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  8. I was at the stream when this happened. It was 1:30 AM, but needless to say, it was worth it.

  9. By far the funnest stream i've ever seen. You should get drunk more often!

  10. What was the song he kept playing on repeat during that stream?? It was addicting! XD

  11. This was such an awesome stream! Anyone know the name of that song Hutch kept playing? (not the marvin gaye one)
    Thanks <3

  12. That stream was awesome. This win just topped everything though.

  13. For some reason in your drunken state you look like that guy from the new Mad Max movie.

  14. Sickened I missed the stream. Looks like you had a good night man ๐Ÿ˜›

  15. Couldn't he have just taken the bishop at 1:28? Qc4.. We'll put that down to the Jameson ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. 3:55 rxf5 followed by black capturing the rook and then a rook exchange gives white checkmate on g8

  17. Ok, so i'm a chess noob. But at 3:55 if remember plays Rf5 (taking the bishop, hutch replies with Rf5 (taking back a rook) then remember replies with Rf5 again (taking a rook) then Hutch can either go Rf5 again and take a rook but then remember can play Qg8 and checkmate Hutch. So wouldn't Hutch of either lost or lost a bishop?

    Can someone confirm this i want to know if my chess logic is right (My rating is 941 on btw)

  18. I stayed up until 4 watching the stream. It was the best stream I have ever watch.

  19. Lol I literally watched the stream today and saw this:P

  20. Your one scary looking dude when your drinking and concentrating but awesome as always to watch keep it up

  21. It was really fucking epic seeing this live. I remember the chat just going absolutely bonkers

  22. HAHAH My brother asks for the time as soon as I started this video and hutch said 18:01 and that was the time! Greatest moment ever!

  23. Does he not smoke anymore? Only on the vape?

  24. Hard to be convinced that that was a well earned 1800. That match-up was the equivalent of a 1600 crushing Kingscrusher

  25. What a great stream I watch the entire thing and drank Crown Royal

  26. Greenscreen turns the vape into green mist. Science fiction, dude!

  27. Great stream man, but I liked the game where you got that checkmate you didn't even know was a checkmate that was awesome.

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